Zoo Escape – Rehan Riaz


A Modern Classic Children’s Book

Percy the Hunter wants to make money, and he’s found his way to get rich, by finding animals to sell to the zoo.

He is off on the hunt!

What animals will he discover, and will he succeed in his hunting quest?

Long and perilous are only two ways to describe the journey Percy the Hunter will undertake, but thanks to his valuable and ever-resourceful Rope, Hat, Net and A Pointy Gun, he will not fail, and more importantly, he shall be home just in time for his favourite afternoon tea!

Join intrepid Hunter, Percy on his adventure to find his animals. Perhaps even a surprise awaits him, a surprise awaits you!

This story unveils in a wonderfully daring way, as the book conveys to children, the joy of freedom and the importance of creating empathy with animals who are entitled to that same right.

ZooEscape nurtures young minds and educates them, encouraging the conversation surrounding animal welfare and saving the planet, particularly now as increasing varieties of species and animals in the wild are facing extinction, as a direct consequence of illegal hunting and poaching.


This book poses a relevant and important message enveloped in the creative adventure and organic charisma of the relationship between man, beast and nature.

ZooEscape is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions.

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Author Bio

Rehan was raised in London and has resided there for most of his life. Stemming from his teenagerhood, he found creative interests in rhyming and song-writing. As a father of two children, naturally some of his first ideas were inspired from this fact, and thus resulted in a creative project. ZooEscape is his first book.

Empathy is a vital personality trait that Rehan is an advocate for being instilled early in a childs development. Furthermore, he firmly believes books to be an ideal avenue for children to find joy, but also education from defined characters set within its narrative.

ZooEscape is a heart-warming story of a mother Fox’s tenacity required to escape a tricky predicament that she finds herself in. A large motivation for Rehan in this story-line hopes to build on a child’s empathy through charming storytelling.

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