You’ve published a book. What now?


child-1721906_1280We receive a huge number emails which say “I’ve just published by book. What should I do now?”. If you’re asking this question then you are already on the back foot. You can still turn things around but you need to move quickly. We aren’t saying this to close a sale or panic you into buying one of our packages to promote your book. It is a statistical fact.

1.  Like anything preparation is key. Before you launch your book you need to be thinking about who is going to buy it. You need to be building an audience. A lot of authors talk about the boring and often superficial books published by celebrities. The reason they obtain publishing deals is they have an audience.

2. So how can you get that audience? There are a couple of ways. First, you can focus on building a blog, social media outlets and building your own visibility. Becoming a celebrity of sorts. The very nature of a celebrity has changed. Many people now become famous through social media and then convert that into the mainstream.

typewriter-498204_1280The other way to build an audience may be a shock. Build it through your writing! Much like a new musician puts our music to build a fanbase. Authors can do the same. This was exactly the approach Larry Jeram-Croft took and now he makes a living from his writing. There are countless other authors who have followed this approach. If your writing is good then it is your biggest weapon.

There are a range of benefits from publishing more work. You gain valuable feedback which improves your writing. You learn what people enjoy and what they buy and read. You can then double down on what is proving successful. The larger your catalogue the more revenue you can earn from your writing.

If you publish something and you want to change it then you can! Just jump into KDP and withing a few minutes it can be updated. Or decide a title no longer fits with your style. Take it down. You are the publisher and you are in control.

3. Advanced Reader Copies. Get your book in readers, bloggers and journalists hands as soon as possible. About 2 months before the publication date is a great way to start. Make sure they know they are unedited proofs or advanced copies and get them out there. Readers, bloggers and journalists are busy. They need ample notice if they are to produce content around your book and post their reviews when required.

Offering books in advance will give you a much better chance of securing PR. 131% more opportunities secured is the figure for authors who send out advanced copies. 

children-593313_12804. Does all this mean you should despair if your book has been out for a year or more? Not at all but it does illustrate that you will have to work a bit harder. The key factor is always a great book. People love to read new books regardless of the age but it just requires a bit more work to convince them. We have helped many authors in this position as it is where most of our customers find themselves. Chris Bridge for examples was one such customer. Chris’s book had been out for over a year when we began work. We resurrected his book for him which has led to thousands in sales and bestseller ranks in the UK and Australia. It even led to his publisher revising his deal and offering his book in print format. He has since gone one to secure a new publishing contract for further titles.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you gain reviews and PR please get in touch.