Your Book Cover Has Been Sentenced.


Your Book Cover Has Been Sentenced.

How does your book cover affect your book marketing and book pr?

One of the team managed to snap this photo whilst bouncing from meeting to meeting yesterday at The London Book Fair 2015. This was the crowd that gathered for the talk on book marketing and book PR.


It was a full house. The busiest any of the seminars had been. It really demonstrates how important good book marketing and excellent book PR is when it comes to having a successful book.

One of the interesting points discussed was the importance of a book’s cover. The speakers mentioned an instance where they had been working on a novel for a month without any results. They suggested the author invest in an improved cover. The result? The second month they secured four national newspaper pieces and a broadcast media interview. 

Your book is judged by its cover. That is a fact.


Another important point to consider is what the thumbnail image will look like in Amazon search results. People will be deciding whether or not to click and take a look at your book based on this image. Of course they will take reviews and title into consideration. However, the images makes up the bulk of the decision. We are visual creatures.

Your book cover is also used when bloggers, reviewers and journalists need an image for the review or article. It forms an incredibly important part of the book marketing strategy. Ignore it at your peril.

A great book cover forms the basis of every excellent book marketing and book PR campaign.

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  • Patty

    Your article says book covers are crucial to selling your book. Do you have any pointers about what makes a good book cover? This might make a great post.

  • PublishingPush

    Hi Patty. That is an excellent question. There are some key elements. Perhaps that will be our next post :)

  • alan butler

    is there anything i can do to get more sales i have had my book on line for one week and i have had to sales . I have one book to put up one line and i will have four more books to go on line but they are not about the same subject does this mean i have to open another page . thanks for your help

  • PublishingPush

    Hello Alan. Here is a case study which explains how we have helped authors secure reviews and sales: https://publishingpush.com/blog/will-book-launch-boom-bust-book-marketing-case-study/ Get in touch if you would like us to help you :)