You’ll be screaming for more! @DavidGrahamAuth


“This book grabs you by the throat right off the bat and never let’s up! By the end, you’ll be SCREAMING for more!
-ARC Reader


Kansas City Police Department’s Dale Franklin thought he’d seen it all. Then he got a call. Two murders. One suicide. Three child witnesses. The perpetrator–one Brandon Marshal. Junior in high school. Straight A’s. Star baseball player. Well liked. The only evidence left behind–a video and a haunting scream. Before any headway can be made on the case, it happens again. This time across the ocean.

A deadly viral trend is infecting teens across the globe, causing them to slaughter their loved ones and end themselves. In the face of indescribable blood lust and violence, an international team of America’s finest and Britain’s clandestine services must race to find the cause and stop the slaughter for good before it is too late.

Where did the inspiration for the book come from? 

David came across a sculpture by Hendrik de Keyser, entitled ‘Screaming Child’, that’s in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. It actually portrays a child stung by a bee, but the image was perfect for the draft of the book. This discovery whilst in Amsterdam planted the seed for the novel.

Further inspiration came from unfinished business David had with characters in some of his other books. The final piece of the puzzle was located whilst David stared at a mobile network mast disguised as a tree.

The surprises don’t just end there. David has even tried being a professional Harp player but stated he is much better at writing. Judging by this book we hope he keeps on writing!

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