You Too Can Become a Success – Helen Oritsejafor


An inspiring self-help guide that generates success.

Helen Oritsejafor’s inspirational book, You too can Become a Success, is a thoughtful and captivating title that guides readers of all kinds on the right path to success.

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This fascinating book discloses in-depth practical, mental and spiritual mechanisms for achieving all-round unending success despite the difficulties, challenges and hurdles that may arise along the way. Affectionately known as ‘Mama Helen Oritsejafor, the author, who is committed to helping people through her philanthropy, advises readers:

It is the will of God that we should prosper. However, we must not be ignorant of the fact that there will be challenges, trials, and difficult times. The uniqueness of the journey is the experience and the eventual success. No condition or person can stop an individual from reaching their full potential when God has created a path for them.”

You too can Become a Success is an exceptional book with meaning and purpose, empowering readers towards accomplishing their goals. Brimming with advice and guidance, the book gently advocates that readers should be prepared to break away from the status quo and take a brave leap towards discovering their rightful destiny. The author sets out her route to success, encouraging readers to:

> exercise self-confidence,
> have a willingness to pay the price,
> understand the realities of living your best life yet,
> adhere to renewing your mind-set,
> commit to the standards of perseverance, excellence and hard work, and
> adopt a profoundly rejuvenating relationship with God.

More than a journey of self-discovery, You too can Become a Success showcases the steps towards achieving an extraordinary fulfilling life. Targeted at readers from age 10 and upwards, this is a truly essential title with illuminating advice and motivating methods for anyone wishing to attain success and improve their life.

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ISBN-13: 979-8690775759

Excerpt from Chapter Five


The road to achieving goals, strategies, and purposes in life, is never smooth. There are challenges and obstacles along the way but the determination to remain focused on the goal is what guarantees success. To determine the path to success, you must:

1.) Locate Your Assignment

Never compare someone else’s success to yours. This is one of the reasons why people get frustrated in life. Every human being on earth is born to succeed. There are ingredients we all carry that open the gate to our success. Locate what that occupation or trade is and strive to accomplish it. For example, I know my place of assignment here on earth, and as I continue to function, success is bound to always occur.

2.) Acquire skill, training, and expertise

Show me a successful man, and you will see a man who is skilled in his trade or very proficient in his enterprise. In other words, the level of success attained is determined by our level of awareness, understanding, and knowledge of a certain field.

The point to emphasize here is that no matter what a man does for a living, he should get himself properly trained before he fully ventures into that enterprise. It is my wish for everyone to prosper, but your prosperity does not only depend on my wish, but it also depends on the development of your mind(3 John 2). We all need to improve our level of skill and efficiency in our area of enterprise. It is necessary to acquire professional help from those who are already skilled so we can be better and do the things we do better.

Show me a successful man, and I will show you a man who made use of the opportunities that came his way.

In the society we find ourselves today, people imitate others. This is wrong! I will never imitate anyone because I am not them, and vice versa. The reason why there is bitterness, envy, animosity, competition, rivalry in the church is that people think that some other person’s place or position is better than theirs. So, they bicker and try to pull down their fellow Christian brother and sister because they have difficulty accepting what God has put on the inside of them. A life spent that way is unhealthy and leads to unfulfilled accomplishment.

3.) Prepare to Work Hard

“What does it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not worked? can faith save him?
James 2:14 (KJV)

After fasting and praying, the only way God can step in is for you to mix your faith with work. Work means action, do something! It is after you work that God Almighty will begin to add favour to your work.

“If a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?” James 2:15-16(KJV).

If we rely only on faith without backing it with works, there will be nothing for God to bless. He only blesses ‘something.’ Bring out what is on the inside to experience extraordinary success.

4.) Prepare Ahead for the goals.

Success is meant for thinkers, it is not innate, it can be learnt. It is said that ideas rule the world. But these ideas do not come through shallow minds, they resonate from the reservoir of our capacity to think.

The fact that a major task was accomplished in any department of life, is not the end of the road. We live in a very dynamic environment, one in which the indices of an individual’s success is determined by his ability to be able to come up with a plan. If someone puts ten million naira in your hands; without any concrete plans designated for it, it will be squandered in no time. It is not only about the amount of money in your account, but it is also about your capability to sit and think through on how the money will be spent strategically.

For married couples to enjoy more blissful years in marriage, they can draft out a plan on how to make their marriage more beautiful as the years go by.

Never capitalize on making money alone, instead go after rendering of services as well. Some people get into business and all they are interested in is when the money will start rolling in. This is a limited way of thinking. When people are in need, they look out for those who can render the services required. It is best to make the business as reachable as possible to people. It should be flexible. Make the environment of the business-friendly and accommodating, and more people will endeavour to patronize the business.

About the Author

Dr Helen Oritsejafor is an acclaimed woman of excellence, a business mogul, an inimitable pacesetter, an exceptional philanthropist, a wife, mother, and the co-pastor of Word of Life Bible church. ‘Mama’ as she is warmly referred to, is an inspiration to millions around the world. She is dedicated to the passion to change lives through her philanthropic activities such as the Poverty Alleviation Scheme, Empowerment Scheme for the unemployed and Scholarship Foundation that awards scholarship to the indigene, from primary, through secondary to the tertiary level.

With more than 30 years’ experience in business, she manages several organizations in Nigeria; some of which are: Eagle Flight Micro Finance Bank Limited, Eagle Heights International School, African Broadcasting Network, Eagle Nest Guest House, Eagles Health Clinic, amongst others. She has an honorary doctorate degree. She has also received several global recognitions and awards. Some of which are: Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity from Trinity International University of Ambassadors, Conferment of Honorary Citizenship of the State of Georgia and Congressional Commendation by the Georgia General Assembly United States of America, United Nations Global Award, Honorary Global Leadership Award awarded by the United Nations Global Awards (UNGA), African Female Impact Leadership Award, amongst others.

Helen has also been inducted into several corporate associations, some of which are:  Fellow of Association of Corporate Governance Professionals in Nigeria (ACCPN), by the National Institute of Company and Business Administration, member of Nigeria Institute of Directors, amongst others. She is married to Papa Ayo Oritsejafor, the General Overseer of Word of Life Bible Church, and they are blessed with three children: Ayodele, Ayodeji and Ayodeta.