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How does a writing coach work?

Finish your book. Hire a writing coach to help you get your book finished and published. We have a team of writing coaches who can help you beat procrastination, overcome writer’s block and finish writing your book.

Why a writing coach?

Writing coaches work with you to help develop your book’s theme and outline for your book. With a writing coach, you remain the writer. Your writing coach is there to hold you accountable to make sure you achieve your writing goals. You remain the writer, and you do the writing and all the associated work. The coach is there to help you get unstuck, stay accountable and improve the quality of your book.

What is the difference between a ghostwriter and a writing coach?

Writing Coach

writing coach works WITH you, and supports your writing efforts. This means they take content you have created, or will create, and provide a framework, accountability, industry knowledge, and coaching tools to bring your written project to life. Typical sessions include me reviewing my client’s work, and then meeting with them over the phone or computer to answer questions, suggest changes, and work through concerns.

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A ghostwriter also works with the client to develop the book’s theme and format, but they go much further and will interview you to draw out your story. A ghostwriter will often go and verify your research or, in some cases, do all the research needed for a book. The ghostwriter can be responsible for finding or developing supporting documentation necessary for the book. Ghostwriters compile all the content and write the book from front cover to back cover. They are the writer.

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In Summary

The core difference between these two services is that with a writing coach, you remain the writer. Writing coach is done with you, BUT ghostwriter is done for you.

Featured writing coaches:

Philip Bowne Award-winning Author of Cows Can't Jump

Phil always wanted to write a book. He started early: at age 6 he penned a short story about an alien befriending a human and attempting to make a cup of tea in the oven. While this story didn’t receive critical acclaim, Phil enjoyed the writing process and carried this passion forward through his formative years.

Phil went on to study English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershire in 2012.

Phil released his award winning novel Cows Can’t Jump in 2021.

“A fabulous debut steeped in the wit and prose of a bullish veteran…impossible to put down.” ― The Express, UK

“Cows Can’t Jump leapt out for its boldness, confidence and humour. Philip is a gifted and perceptive writer with a fine eye for detail, dialogue and characterisation…a fresh take on the classic rite-of-passage.” ― Spotlight First Novel Prize

“Innovative, punchy and tender… maintains a balance of tone, a trueness of voice, laugh-out-loud humour and stiletto-sharp wit. Bowne’s debut is a performance of real originality and extraordinary promise. I can’t wait to see what he does next.” ― Author of Electricity

“Part coming-of-age story, part European travel adventure, Phil Bowne’s debut novel deftly mixes laugh-out-loud hijinx with moments of true poignancy, and is filled with memorable scenes and a caste of eclectic, authentic characters. Billy is a brilliant narrator-pilgrim for the next generation.” ― Author of No Good Brother

Richard Lynch - Writing Coach with 25 Years Publishing Experience

Richard Lynch is an American author and writing coach currently living in eastern Spain. His experience in publishing is extensive, spanning every aspect of writing, editing, production, design, and printing. Non-fiction publications include nine books with major publishers translated into 10 languages and 50 articles in print magazines. His creative prose accounts for 60 more publications in literary venues.

After graduating with an MFA in fiction writing, Richard’s career in publishing and education began to blossom. He taught composition at Niagara University, became a reader for a literary agency, and worked for an editorial service. These credentials led to becoming the Senior Editor and Production Manager for a book publisher, a position he held for seven years.

As a freelance development editor, Richard worked on thousands of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts including memoirs, essays, computers and technology, humour, horror, science fiction, philosophy, business theory, and software documentation. His mantra is that writing should remain fresh and interesting to the reader. He is an expert at recognising lulling patterns in writing, problems with logistics, and is sensitive to the writer’s voice and their audience. The goal of editing is always to improve a manuscript, but to help improve the craft, content, and process of the author as well.

Richard is a now a writing coach helping you to deliver a brilliant story for your readers.

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