Winter – Craig Herdern


Series orbiting a multiverse is out of this world.

Following the phenomenal success of Craig Herdern’s debut novel, Palimpsest, the recent publication of his much-anticipated sequel, Winter, will not disappoint. These two imaginative books form part of the author’s mind-bending Multiple Dimensional State (MDS) series which delve into the concept of a Multiverse.

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Winter expands on the fantastic themes and familiar characters established in the author’s popular first book, but introduces many more players, with their own agendas for ultimate multi-world domination. In Winter, the struggle between good and evil becomes ever more confusing, as the entities true intentions are revealed. Winter delivers a roller-coaster ride transporting readers further into the existential dimensions of now four universes on a collision course where natural laws do not apply.

Lucinda’s paranoid and narcissistic father, Edward Soames-Parker, has escaped death by appropriating a new body but with unforeseen consequences. He has inadvertently awoken a beast that, due to impairment, he is unable to control. Meanwhile, Lucinda, caught in the middle, is destined for tragedy and forced to relive her worst nightmares, confronting the world’s most heinous personalities. Whether it be the ruthless Volkov regime from the future, a deviating doppelganger or those that never existed on earth, Lucinda becomes their prime target caught in a terrifying fight for survival.

Winter explores new realms, delving deeper into alien entities, crossing boundaries and carving through historical events with escalating levels of tension, terror and time-travelling adventures. The story shifts superbly from the imagined multiverse to the real world. Despite the limitless powers acquired from other-worldly forces of the multiverse, Winter’s realism remains reflected in how the central characters respond to the impact time-travelling has on their lives, emotions and behaviour.

The author brilliantly transcends the expectations of conventional Sci-Fi and time-travelling fiction, celebrating and challenging current scientific theories to enrich his thought-provoking series. Winter is an inventive sequel which builds on Herdern’s interplay between doppelgangers, history and alternate time progression. It is an ingenious hybrid of genres, veering from science-fiction to historical crime to create a masterful series dedicated to the supernatural powers of multi-dimensional states.

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About the Author
Craig Herdern is a British novelist, author of the MDS book series of which Palimpsest is his first novel. He lives in England, with his wife and his Italian sports car, spending his days writing and drinking coffee.


Winter published in April 2020 
Palimpsest was published in February 2019
Both books published by HFS Rundle Publishing and can be ordered from Amazon