Why I wrote Run & Break by Hugh Pryor



Why I wrote Run & Break by Hugh Pryor

Hugh Pryor, a very well educated gentleman and highly accomplised pilot has become a friend here in the Publishing Push offices. After such a successful career spent flying we were curious to find out why Hugh had decided to write ‘Run & Break’. We sat down with him over a cup of tea and he explained why.

The reason why I started ‘Run & Break’ was because I was flying on contract to the UN in a rather shitty camp in a place called Rumbek in Southern Sudan.

We, the Contract Pilots, were not actually Members of the UN and so we were not allowed to enjoy the en-suite luxuries of their tented accommodation. We had little green tents which frequently got flooded and the loo and Shower was 250 metres away, through the mud, so you had to stand in the rain to get rid of the mud, when you got back to your tent. Essentially it made you question the whole point of making the 250 metre trek to the shower in the first place.

Our BIG BONUS was that we had a bar under a tree and the UN, due to ‘Political Correctness’ didn’t…so some of the UN used to sneak down for a quick three at our Bar.

I was standing at the Bar when Claire, a tall, blonde, Yorkshire Forensic Scientist walked in and ordered me to buy her a Beer.

“What is your problem , Claire?” I asked.

“We have run out of Books to read in the Senior Compound. “We need you to write us a Book!” she said

And so I dutifully wrote myself away from the foetid heat of a small tent in Southern Sudan and wrote myself in to a beautiful Hunter’s Lodge in Sutherland in Northern Scotland, in the middle of a snow storm, in Mid-Winter. By the time I had finished Chapter One I was so Freezing Cold that I was pleased to get back to my little green tent in South Sudan.

All my books are based on Personal Experience or an experience with somebody with whom I have been closely involved.

Thank you very much for your time Hugh. There will be more information to come as we continue to work with Hugh.