Who Are You? by Diana K Robinson


Navigating a narcissistic nightmare

Who Are You? is the remarkable, true-life psychological thriller from Diana Robinson that will leave readers gripped until the very last page.

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When the young Elizabeth Pieterse, a naïve trainee nurse from a remote farm in South Africa, meets and marries the ‘tall, devilishly handsome’ Dion Du Toit, her life takes a dramatic turn. The shine of their wedding soon wears off as the charming Dion morphs into a narcissistic monster with devastating consequences that force Elizabeth to question who he really is, as well as her own sanity and security: “A blissful eighteen months passed then some unusual changes began to occur in the months that followed. I wasn’t sure what was causing the sudden eruptions and changes to Dion’s behaviour, but his moods swung like a pendulum and sometimes it felt like I was living with a stranger. Perplexed by these weird changes to his personality, I had to find out what was wrong and chose the moment with care.”

As the lows plummet to new levels, shredding any sexual chemistry they once shared, Elizabeth chooses to stay in the corrosive relationship, learning to navigate the carnage caused by her unhinged and obsessive husband. Lonely and desperate, she seeks solace in therapy, grappling to understand and manage Dion’s attention-seeking outbursts and the cruel onslaught of his addictions, abuse and adultery: “My mind was reeling, my feet rooted to the spot, too terrified to move, feeling absurdly alone and abandoned.”

Then, plunged into financial ruin, Elizabeth draws on her inner strength, searching for solutions and an escape: “It was the time to dig deep and analyse internal factors that were to be crucial in my healing process and the development of what makes me a human being and accept that the universal fear of poverty had destroyed all common sense and I had to forgive myself. There were parts of me I began to look at through different eyes and question; who am I?”

After everything, is Elizabeth responsible for wanting a man that never really existed or is Dion a victim of himself? In a courageous but ill-advised attempt to find answers, will Elizabeth miss the one moment that could change her life forever?

Who Are You? is an exceptionally written novel layered with suspense and punctuated with the perfect balance of danger and optimism. The author casts a believable set of characters who constantly question themselves, a nod to achieving a gritty, true-life narrative. Elizabeth’s desperation and vulnerability is delivered superbly through powerful and dramatic sequences: “Suddenly, an eerie sensation trickled down the back of my neck and ran down my spine, raising the hair on its way down, and I shivered involuntarily. Something felt very wrong.”

This is an inspiring story of one woman’s courage and agonising battle to undress a devil in disguise and repair any lasting threads of damage. Who Are You? has an impressive psychological pull, placing it in pole position as a highly-rated suspense, thriller and contemporary crime publication.

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Recent Reviews
“I thought that Elizabeth Pieterse (Du Toit) was a very courageous character to get through the things that she did, though getting involved with Dion was an unwise mistake on her part. This was an enjoyable book.”

“Elizabeth’s story is so incredible, even more so because it is based on truth, and I couldn’t help the frightening shiver that ran up my spine when I finished the book. No spoilers here! But the ending had me literally shaking my head, goose bumps rising along my arms. Who Are You? is an absolutely incredible story of what one woman can go through. Even more amazing, knowing that this story actually happened to someone! Thrilling, suspenseful, hopeful. This book will leave you gobsmacked and amazed by the end.”

“This was quite an intriguing book – more than I thought it would be. One thing that I had been hoping to hear a little bit more of was how Elizabeth’s life was after she got back home, even though things would have see-sawed the way that they had for a lot of the book.”

“What a page turner! I couldn’t put this book down! Beautifully written. The characters truly came alive and felt like old friends by the time the book was finished. One of those reads where you can’t wait to see how it ends but is left feeling heartbroken that its finished. Hope to find more of this author’s books.”

“This real-life experience of Elizabeth dragged me into her emotional journey and made me realize that a person can endure far more than you think. This was a fantastic book!!!”

About the Author

Diana is a country bumpkin at heart, born and raised on a farm in Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe, then lived in South Africa for the better part of her adult life. Since then, Diana is now happily living in England, where all her family are originally from.

Diana’s qualifications are in the Equine world and the only ‘writing’ she has ever undertaken is articles for various newspapers and magazines on her equestrian practices and even her own amazing horses. Furthermore, the topic of her next book plays into this very theme, a manual called the ‘Equus Soul Technique’. This technique developed over many years and grew organically when Diana ran workshops for CEO’s mimicking the herd leadership skills and putting them into practice in business to enhance productivity and unity within the work force. Her four-day equine-facilitated therapy workshops for traumatised women opened the door to evolving the technique into healing traumatised horses and grew from there.

“One could say I was just about born on the back of a horse.”

Diana’s father, a farmer, owned racehorses and played polo for many years until his accident on the polo field that put him into a wheelchair for life.