Where’s Dad? – David Foster


Winning at life with creativity and coaching.

Where’s Dad? Connect With Yourself And Your Family Before It’s Too Late is an original and inspiring novel by David Foster that brilliantly merges fiction with life-coaching.


The author combines his own skills as a life-coach and the creative art of story-telling into an engaging, unique and purposeful fable. The central character, Ben, sits in familiar territory, struggling to manage mid-life’s juggle to balance family responsibilities and the pressures of work.  

Ben is stressed, overwhelmed and lost. His marriage is on the rocks. His once-prosperous business is failing despite the endless hours he puts into it. Worst of all, his two-year-old son Freddy is growing up without his dad. If Ben doesn’t change things fast, everything he cares about will vanish in a puff of smoke. Enter Peter, a business and life coach to whom Ben reaches out in a moment of desperation. Can Peter’s coaching magically transform Ben’s life and save him from himself? Well, as it turns out . . . not exactly. That’s up to Ben. But with Peter’s guidance, Ben discovers within himself the freedom to become the creator of his own life by connecting with himself and his family before it’s too late.

Where’s Dad? is a clever, witty and poignant story that urges readers to find the balance, clarity and freedom in their lives to overcome the challenging “intersection of being a parent and running a business”. The heartfelt integrity running through each chapter of Where’s Dad? provides life-changing lessons to be learnt from the author’s personal experience that are superbly played out through the eyes of Ben and his interaction with Peter.

Ben and Peter and both likeable, relatable and believable characters with important points to make. With an entertaining narrative, the book reminds us to take charge of our lives, be open to the possibility of change because by making even minor changes, we can alter our life’s trajectory for the better. Its overriding message is to become the creator of your own life, something the author himself achieved by being coached: “…start by honouring yourself. By slowing down to get clarity on who you want to be and what you want to create in your life. This provides a solid foundation to work from as the creator of your life. It creates an experience of inner freedom, which leads to outer freedom.”

There are other invaluable lessons too, such as awakening the joys of parenthood and recognising that, as well as the future, children are our best educators. And, that by forging a greater connection with children and our loved ones, we can ultimately obtain business success, personal fulfilment and understanding, as Ben’s life coach concludes: 
“Sorry, Ben. I’m no genie with three wishes. But what I am is someone who can help you discover the much-needed clarity you desire so you can have more balance and freedom in all areas of your life. Your answers are already inside you. My aim is to guide you to create a better life for yourself, your family, and your business…”

Where’s Dad? is a wonderful, enlightening novel that succeeds in its aim to guide people towards a fuller, richer life. This clever fusion of self-help through storytelling is a magic bullet to mastering life’s challenges, offering readers a life-changing opportunity and strongly advocating the benefits of coaching. Thanks to its resourceful story, Where’s Dad? promotes the power of personal transformation and the positive impact it can have on every aspect of our lives.

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Price: £12.99 (Paperback)
Pages: 238
ISBN: 978-1-83-805230-0


“Where’s Dad? is a story that is full of hope for how life can change when we wake up and begin to see our true selves, our desires, and our values clearly. It will help you reconnect with what’s most important to you.”Amy Johnson, PhD, Author of Being Human and The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit

“If you’ve heard about coaching but never experienced it for yourself, this is the next best thing. Thoughtful and moving – a must-read for anyone who’s ready to experience the joy, freedom and aliveness available to all of us.”Melissa Ford, Coach and Author of Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach

“Full of wit and truth, Where’s Dad? takes the reader on a well-crafted adventure, offering us all an opportunity to look at the sometimes elusive integration of career success and fulfilment in our life.”Devon Bandison, Author of The Game Changer Coach

“This is a book every business owner will benefit from reading if they have a desire to develop their experience of life and make a difference in the world.”Dr John Demartini, International Best-Selling Author, Educator, Consultant

About the Author

David Foster is a Master Coach, Author and Inspirational Speaker. Since 2012, David has helped ambitious business owners and coaches, throughout the world, create more balance, clarity and freedom so they can live inspired lives they love leading. His work specialises in helping people connect with their true purpose, get clarity on their plans and make massive progress fast so they can have a growing business, better relationships with their family and enjoy all that life has to offer.

David has dedicated his life to being a present parent, creating a loving family unit and inspiring people all over the world connect with themselves and their families before it’s too late. He lives in Essex with his wife, Trix and their two sons, Rocco and Enzo. www.davidfoster.coach