Where Are You Pickles?!


Author Michael Beverley and author of Where Are You Pickles?! sat down for a chat with the team. We asked him about writing and of course the books inspired by his daughter.

1. First and foremost, could you give us a short introduction as to who Michael Beverley is?

I’m married with one daughter (Erin) who I have been creating stories for since she was old enough to ask. I’ve been running a marketing firm for the last decade, and have just enough general talent in art, writing and music to be able to create things for people with more specific talents to correct and polish!

2. Tell us a bit about Where Are You Pickles?!…. what’s it about?

Pickles is a small, curious, mischievous, kilted, purple teddy who cannot talk. His owner, Erin, is a mother-figure to him despite being only five. In “Where Are You Pickles!?!”, Pickles does not listen and is constantly distracted on a trip to the hospital. When he suddenly loses track of Erin, he assumes SHE has gotten herself lost. His stubbornness prevails for some time, and he does all the wrong things for someone who should be trying to get found. Luckily, Erin knows what to do.

3. Is it part of a series? Are you planning any more books?

Yes. Around 19 stories were written, and 12 of them will likely be turned into books. The second book, Pickles The Artist!?!, Is two thirds complete and should be out later this year.

4. Who do you think will enjoy reading the book?

Boys and girls between the ages of 2-5 predominantly. Although I’ve seen many 6-7 year olds reading it in public (libraries, fairs, etc.), which means the artwork must not be particularly “babyish”.

5. Is there anything you feel you have learnt while writing that other authors may find useful?

If you want less hassle when getting a book published, then don’t “break the rules”. Most publishers want to control the artwork, editing and marketing. As I wanted to create animated versions, apps, music, etc. I came to publishers with a practically finished product. They don’t like that, and don’t mind showing you how much they don’t like it.

6. When is your book available to purchase and from where?

It is available now from several online retailers such as Amazon, as well as direct from the publisher.