When the Hearts of Men are Decadently Wicked by Ijeoma Onyemesili


Exposing the evil of polygamy and wicked witch-doctors.

When the Hearts of Men are Decadently Wicked is the highly-anticipated debut novel by aspiring author, Ijeoma Onyemesili. Based on true events, this unbelievable story unleashes the evil side of polygamy and the devastating impact it has on one man’s soul and society.


The story begins in Azure, a small village in Nigeria’s old Kano State, a place where the Hausas, Ibos and other ethnicities, made up of Muslims, Christians and non-Muslims, lived in relative harmony: In this area lived Mr Michael Asonti and his family; he was a teacher in one of the secondary schools in the city. His wife, Rose Asonti, taught in the only primary school in the village and they also lived in the quarters provided by the school.”

Despite being a seemingly normal family in this peaceful farming community, when Michael turns to polygamy, he sets out on a cruel and almost cult-like existence, turning on his wife Rose with dangerous consequences:

Michael was the only son from a family that was noted for maltreatment, greed and evil. He grew up in an environment where he never learnt what love and tolerance were… [Rose] was told to pray fervently as her husband wanted to remarry and if that woman succeeded in coming into their family, she (Rose) would be a dead person.”

With Rose and their children’s lives dramatically transformed, they are plunged into a threatening new world. Michael and his evil new wife Nkonta join forces to get rid of Rose and the children, stopping at nothing to make sure they are wiped off the face of the earth. As their murderous scheme intensifies, they call on the services of the local witch-doctor, paying him to curse Rose and the children, every day, for a year.  With such evil unleashed, will the family survive Michael’s wicked plot?

When the Hearts of Men are Decadently Wicked is a thrilling work of fiction that breathes light on the unimaginable horrors of polygamy and the power it passes on to the worst husbands.

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Price: £5.99 (Kindle Edition) £10.99 (Paperback)
Pages: 102
ISBN: 9781913704759

About the Author

Educated in Nigeria and the UK, Ijeoma Onyemesili is a qualified pharmacist and upcoming author. She currently works as a community pharmacist in the UK and began writing creatively as a hobby when she was young. As her writing developed, she became inspired by her experiences living in Nigeria, where some of the neighbours in the village had more than one wife: At times, it was intimidating as there would be so many children born in the same compound, sharing the same surname, born to the same man but from different mothers. There were many occasions when fights or quarrels over properties would emerge between the children in the same family or even between their different mothers.”

According to Onyemesili, polygamy, common practice in Nigeria, created a lot of enmity between people, forcing many into vicious conflict: “Polygamy is well recognised in my country and so many families that were polygamous in nature have always encountered envy, jealousy and evil competition amongst themselves.”

When the Hearts of Men are Decadently Wicked is Onyemesili’s first novel and reflects the disastrous impact that polygamy wreaks on families in Nigeria.

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