Water Your Goal to Success – S R Lore


‘Ordinary People have SMART Goals;
Extraordinary People CREATE Goals.’

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Water Your Goal to Success by S R Lore is the self-help book offering simple steps which will finally enable you to turn your dreams into achievable goals, and realize your true potential. It teaches how to embrace your individuality as a creative and not succumb to the burden of corporate expectation.

Unlike other titles of the self-help genre, Lore’s slim volume gets straight to the point, sparing you the incidental details which can so often lead to overwhelm. Instead, Water Your Goal to Success takes a reassuring approach to goal accomplishment, focusing on the tangle of thoughts and emotions which so often get in the way, and breaking these down into effortlessly manageable sections.

The book carves tools from spiritualist thought and cleverly assists you in applying them to your real-life goals. Featuring inspirational quotes and illustrations throughout alongside useful places to jot your thoughts, Water Your Goal to Success is a welcoming space for you to learn, reflect and nurture your creative aspirations.

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Setting goals has never been easy, especially, when the path is not clear cut.  It has never been more important to teach this to young adults before leaving the educational system as now, in a fast-changing economy where no conventional job is safe.  It is equally imperative for those already in the job market to learn how to adapt in keeping up with these developments through creative thinking.

Using the mind, body and spirit as tools, to find that creative space and tap into the limitless potentiality of human capacity, is where it starts.  This little book demystifies the challenges of setting and achieving goals in a kaleidoscopic world.

About the Book

Price: £7.99 (Paperback)
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9781839751950

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“SR Lore is a gifted writer. The book is brilliantly written and easy to read and digest with punchy lines. I loved reading the quotes which were cleverly chosen with each concept. The illustrations were easy on the eye. I like the fact that you can write down your own notes after each chapter, which is a bonus. The concepts explained in this book does really help/work, I like the fact that you can carry it around in your bag and refer to it when you need to.”

Author Bio

Water Your Goal to Success is SR Lore’s second publication. Living with a chronic health condition which has on two occasions almost proved fatal, Lore turned to spirituality and psychology from a young age to better understand and cope with her illness.

After 3 years of delivering self-management courses to people living with chronic conditions for Primary Health Care, she formulated her own goal setting & achieving programme called CREATE based on a holistic & creative approach. This approach has informed much of the basis of Water Your Goal to Success and she hopes the book will inspire others to attain their creative goals.

For more information on Water Your Goal to Success and updates on SR Lore’s future projects, visit her website: www.learnlivedo.com