Want To Morph Yourself Slim? Here’s How…


After successfully completing her own journey to healthy weight loss, Janice Thomson has created a book to guide you through the same experience over one year. Her own struggles with weight loss was Janice’s inspiration for creating the book after struggling for some time with unstable and heavy weight.

Janice’s experiences are truly inspiring, and were essential to her when writing ‘Morph Yourself Slim and Stay That Way’. Janice assured us that her own journey was an influence for writing, but some others included… “my Swiss mother who taught me the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables in a healthy eating routine, my degree from Exeter university where I studied French and German and my early career in which I spent several years in marketing research of a wide variety of products including food and drink items across France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands”.

The most fundamental topic you will read about in ‘Morph Yourself Slim’ is the whole approach of taking things slowly and focussing on different areas month by month as a means of losing weight and changing one’s lifestyle permanently. Janice believes in this strategy as opposed to the way other weight loss books are “obsessed with losing weight FAST” because of the many years she struggled. She told us… “it was only when I stopped dieting and gradually began to improve my eating and drinking habits, learned to exercise gently rather than obsessively did my weight stabilise, then slowly decrease and finally stabilise again”. Learning to change one’s lifestyle over a full calendar year is a much more realistic approach than dieting for 2-3 weeks, which can often lead to deprivation and returning to old habits. If Janice had been able to read her book in the past, she believes she could have changed her lifestyle, lost and stabilised her weight much sooner.

Something that you may not expect to discover when reading this book is that Janice insists there is no such thing as completely forbidden foods. Some examples that may come to mind could be butter, goose-fat roasted potatoes, triple deep-fried chips, ice cream, other desserts and sugary, calorific drinks. As long as these only represent the occasional indulgence, and portions are not huge, they are quite allowable. Janice explained that it is the overall balance that counts.

We asked Janice what the most challenging aspect of the writing process was for her, she told us… “creating a book that, despite containing a lot of relevant information, won’t be rejected by those with severe weight problems. These people have often tried and failed so many times that they have lost hope. I felt that it was important to make the book interesting and entertaining enough to persuade them to try again”. Though despite this challenge, the injection of humour and an original perspective is what Janice found rewarding in writing ‘Morph Yourself Slim’.

morph yourself slim

Janice and the Publishing Push team were all delighted that ‘Morph Yourself Slim and Stay That Way’ has been received so well by readers, thus proving its effectiveness. See just one testimonial below…

“My reason for buying the book was to lose weight and it has fulfilled all its promises, amd continues to prove steadily effective in that respect.  However, the humourous style of writing has provided an added dimension, which places it in a league well above other diet books – worth trying out just for that.”