Unpredictable Bitch – Gabrielle Bernátová


Underworld families and clans whose areas are divided.

Their members are ready to pull a gun and kill at any time if one of them is threatened.

Lea’s husband, a mafia boss called Lev, is imprisoned and she alone is left to take over management and care of the family.

Following Lev‘s release, someone close to Lea is killed.  Revenge is her only priority.  The carefree young woman she was is, day by day, becoming the Goddess of vengeance – determined to destroy everyone who had a part in destroying her happiness.

No one has had any idea who Lea became over the past few years; what she sacrificed in order to carry out her plans.  She is hidden from the outside world by a mask of a cynical, arragant woman, full of skepticism and hatred.

Just as things begin to gain momentum, Lea’s path is crossed by a girl who changes her perception of the world and returns the hope of a peaceful life to her.

But first, she must achieve her goal.

First, she must destroy her enemies.



Gabrielle Bernátová is a young author from Slovakia.  Although her writing is aimed towards a female audience, Gabrielle does not write classic women’s novels.  There is nothing sweet nor particularly romantic about her stories.  Instead, her books give a feel for the elements of the harsh practices and problems of family clans in the underworld, and are aimed at those who enjoy an interesting plot with plenty of action.

In her novel Unpredictable Bitch she tries to clarify the need and protection of family. She points to the fact that not only blood relationship means family. That’s why she identifies with a particular quote from the book: “Family is the sense of belonging without any right to compensation.”

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“It only takes a moment for you to become an old woman full of hatred and self-pity.  You just can’t escape those feelings of helplessness and despair.  In one second, you’re thrown into an unfamiliar world.  Your heart stops beating and your mind is blank.  You know you’ve failed and start to hate yourself from the bottom of your heart.  And then, in another second, fate brings you face to face with someone whose energy jump-starts your heart again and raises your soul from the depths within you. You know you’ve been given a second chance.“

She’s running, barefoot and wearing a torn dress.  Under the cover of darkness, she tries to find a safe path to her destination; she doesn’t know which way to go to avoid being caught.  It’s raining, a cold, autumn wind is blowing and she tries to warm herself up a little, rubbing her arms with her hands.  Even the little clothing she is wearing is soaked through.  Water is streaming down her mid-length blond hair.  Her green eyes look sad and pained.  The way she looks now, you can’t tell whether she’s an eighteen-year-old girl or a grown woman.  She has no choice but to find somewhere to hide.  She looks at the paper in her hand.  The heavy rain has completely blurred even the faintest indication of the address noted on it.  Nevertheless, she has the feeling that she’s finally reached her destination.

She rubs her eyes and stares at the block of flats opposite her and sees the entrance to an underground car park with a long porch. She can shelter from the rain here.  She runs quickly across the street, hiding from any casual looks or pointed stares.  She can rest for a while, at least.  She moves her tired, exhausted body on to the cold but dry gound.  Leaning back against the wall,just next to the automatic iron gate, she lets her head fall on to her knees.  She is trembling with cold and pain and her stomach starts to rumble; her eyes are brimming with tears again.

“Happy Birthday“, she says to herself, unable to retain a silent yet heart-breaking cry.  She has turned eighteen today and is going through such a nightmare.  If her father had been here, she would have been celebrating and getting excited about his presents.  Instead, she has just narrowly escaped death.

Feeling exhausted, she closes her eyes and falls asleep, but the bolts of lightning keep waking her.  Fortunately for her, she’s sitting in a place protected from the elements.  It’s colder that is usual for October.  A deafening clap of thunder brings her firmly back to her senses.  Suddenly the automatic gate opens and a car approaches the garage.  She jumps up and stares in panic into the lights of the car, which brakes sharply.  Only now does she realise that it could have hit her.