UNnatural Selection: Moral Decay – Pastille Sheen


UNnatural Selection: Moral Decay is the thrilling new dystopia by Pastille Sheen which imagines a future world whose governments deny the sick and injured, medicine and treatment to recover, or technology to assist and extend life. A morally challenging tale which demands the confronting question: should we allow people to die, to save humanity?

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UNnatural Selection: Moral Decay is the first instalment in the dizzyingly suspenseful thriller series from debut novelist Pastille Sheen.

Experience the chaotic trajectory of a future world on the brink of collapse through the eyes of general surgeon Ed Thorncroft, who fights against the unjust laws which govern it. Highlighting issues of overpopulation, resource shortages, medical interventionism and political control. UNnatural Selection: Moral Decay, is an arresting triumph of speculative fiction; predicting a future society disturbingly reflective of our own.

An Unthinkable Solution …

Imagine living in a world without life-extending or saving capabilities: drugs, vaccines, medical procedures, operations, or technology. Not because we haven’t discovered or invented them. But because the governments of the world have decided we can’t have them! An immoral law to many, but one put in place to save the human race from extinction.

The year is 2040, human population growth is unsustainable, wars for resources are on the increase, and a more deadly world war using nuclear weapons is predicted. The UN, supported by world leaders, enact a global law that dramatically restricts any form of life preservation, forcing the human race to live as nature had intended.

Edward (Ed) Thorncroft, general surgeon, views the law as immoral and starts a secret organisation to mitigate the damage of the new law by illegally saving lives. The book follows the impact and broader implications of the new law, Ed’s new life under the law, and that of his closest fellow lawbreakers. Ed’s journey to build the organisation, his move into lobbying, politics, and the dark forces that begin to emerge from within the governing body of the law.

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Price: £13.99 (Paperback), £3.99 (eBook)
Pages: 562
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing 
ISBN: 9781839752575

About the Author:

Pastille Sheen is the debut novelist of UNatural Selection: Moral Decay for which he is writing a sequel. Pastille writes at his homes in Kent and Madeira where he finds the views over the North Atlantic much more distracting than writing in Kent but loves writing in both locations regardless.

Before pursuing his long-held desire to write, Pastille spent thirty-six years working for an American bank until eventually retiring from his role there as Managing Director. When not writing, he likes to spend time with family and friends, dine out, drink French wine (although this happens while writing too!), and spend time away, often in Cornwall. A walk from Rock to Polzeath along the coast is beautiful and affords Pastille valuable thinking time. Besides writing, the author is also an avid reader, mainly selecting books on astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology (though he freely admits he finds many of the concepts and theories far too challenging!).

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