Two Historical Novels from George Clarke


George Clarke Covers

A Cry in the Night

Set in Georgian England, at the start of the Industrial Revolution, just four years after the Battle of Waterloo. Two children, both from poor families and in dire circumstances, each having good reason to run away and seek a better life, are brought together by chance; staying together from loyalty and the need for human companionship.

Developing into loving young adults with a strong sense of justice and humanity, the two are appalled by the plight of the common workers.

It is August 1819, and they journey to Manchester to attend a meeting. There, at St Peter’s Field, the radical orator, Henry Hunt, is to address the crowd. A rude shock awaits them and not all return safely to their homes – there is blood on the field.

This is a compelling love story set in the atmosphere of oppression, class division, hatred and violence that accompanied the Industrial Revolution in general, and the ‘Peterloo Massacre’ in particular.

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Tells the story of a young girl orphaned at five years old.  Brought up by a doting aunt, beautiful but selfish and spoilt she is ostracized at school, eventually leaving to get a good job, but due to her demeanor she soon loses all jobs that come her way, until eventually she finds herself out on the streets.

After a vicious attack she is hospitalized and taken under the wing of a lady Doctor who restores her to her fit and healthy self – but only in body.

After her recovery she vows vengeance on all her former adversaries.

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Author Bio.

George Clarke was born in Lancashire.  He left school at fifteen and spent a short time working in a shoe factory before serving a two year apprenticeship as a Telephone Engineer with the G.P.O.  After completing his National Service in the Royal Signals, George returned to the G.P.O. as a qualified Engineer, where he enjoyed a successful eighteen year career, later becoming a domestic appliance engineer before a car accident curtailed his working life.

Since 1947 George has been involved with the Brass Band movement, playing various instruments with many bands including the Famous Irwell Springs (Bacup) Band and the world famous Manchester (C.W.S) Band.  After fifty years service in the movement he received the coveted `Certificate of Honour`.

George now lives with his partner Jean in N Wales. Between them they have four children, fourteen Grandchildren and seven Great Grandchildren. His joy of writing came after his accident, when he studied creative writing at the Accrington & Rossendale College and he continues to enjoy much success.