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The Adventures of Jack and Adam is presented as a currently unending series of medium sized stories that are not so short as to evade interest and not so long to cause you impatience.

Get stuck into this fantastic series of stories, which bring you an exciting adventure of the imagination, thrills and suspense.

This ideal collection of stories are based on the activities and adventures of two young boys, who are growing up in a place called Willows Town. The stories charter what goes on with the boys at home, at school and during their holidays and each offering in the series guarantees you exciting and new story content.

Jack and Adam CoverWanted introduces you to Jack & Adam, the characters in the series, along with the community they live in. So if you want to start reading about these two scoundrels then this is probably the best place to begin.

We meet the two brothers, Jack and Adam along with their famous pets Club and Diamond. In this first book we get a great sense of the boys’ daily routines in and out of school, along with delving into some of their relationships with neighbours, teachers and friends.

It is soon approaching the summer holidays where the brothers get a chance to engage in one of their infamous adventures. This summer brings about a dark and sinister adventure into an uncertain world of a wayward scientist, who can think of nothing better than bestowing his cruelty upon the most innocent inhabitants of Willows Town.

With a mixture of excitement and humour, Jack and Adam follow a summertime adventure, discovering that not all is as it should be in their neck of the woods.

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“One of the best children’s books that has been written in a long period.” – John B.

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A new series of stories for the young and ambitious.

Larry Right waits for nothing. He seizes each idea he has and matches it with the elements of his surroundings in order to craft something new and exciting. Even if it doesn’t work out the way he thinks it should, this does not slow down his progress in any way whatsoever. Follow the adventures and pursuits of this eager and quick thinking inspirational guru as he carves himself a path filled with promise and fortune.

Armed with a clear vision of what he can do to make things better, he does so for his environment and other people as well as his own future.

This young man sets out to prove that it doesn’t take a dishonest or unscrupulous character to make it big!

From dealing with local people in his surroundings as well as the business community, we see how the young entrepreneur handles the difficult matters involved with supply, demand and closing the deal.

Larry Right coverHaving success on your mind all the time can be really hard work, coming up with a way to achieve that success may be just that thing that’s staring you in the face.  In Larry’s Logs Larry embarks on a new course which will forever change how he views people, work and finances.  With a cutting saw in one hand and a calculator in the other, Larry sets out to make something from nothing and goes into the solid fuel business with some homemade signs, some bags and a hand cart.

Sometimes opportunity comes knocking – other times it needs to be created!

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About the Author

Anthony BroderickAnthony Broderick is a primary school teacher from County Mayo in Ireland.

He has been writing children’s books for the last four years.  His stories are packed full with adventure, intrigue and suspense.

Using traditional values and language sensibility as the main ingredients of his work, the series of feature length and short stories are seasoned with storyline edges and captivating plots which provide hours of reading enjoyment.


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    Heard about these from pupils in my school. Looks like it will be big.