The truth about being an author by Glyn Iliffe – @GlynIliffe


glyn-iliffe-bgBelow are extracts from a wonderful and very detailed article by author Glyn Iliffe entitled The Truth About Being An Author . Glyn is the author of The Adventures of Odysseus series. He had a long and arduous journey on the path to becoming an author and has detailed what being a writer is really like. It is a candid post detailing this often romanticised profession. Thanks to Glyn we get a very raw insight into the life of an author.

The full article is available at Glyn’s own website: The Truth About Being An Author

The truth.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an author?  I spent most of my life dreaming of how it would feel to be published, only to find it was nothing like what I’d expected.  If only I’d known!  Perhaps I’d have chosen to be an insurance underwriter instead.  Or a florist.  Or, more to the point, maybe I’d have gone about it more efficiently and been published sooner and with less pain.  And that’s the point of this page: to act as a guide to those who are interested in what goes on behind the portcullis of Castle Publishing.  Not a how-to of novel writing or a manual on how to get published – those have been done many times by people much better equipped to do it than me – but an honest illustration of what happens after a writer is offered a contract.

Getting Lucky.

I mentioned a writer needs motivation, hard work, talent and luck. The first two I had, though with rather more amateur enthusiasm than strategic wisdom. The third is a matter of opinion. The fourth has always evaded me. In many ways I’m very lucky – I have a happy family, good health, a roof over my head and all the food and drink I need. But in terms of chance, I’ve never won anything more than £1 on a line of bingo (in 1975) and I’d never had any luck with the writing.

In 2006 that all changed.

The full article is available at Glyn’s own website: The Truth About Being An Author

“Not since the late David Gemmell has anyone managed to make the legends and heroic myths of the Greeks at Troy so grittily real, so marinated in sweat and blood and dark deeds.” – Rob Low, author of The Oathsworn and The Kingdom series