Trivium – The Classical Liberal Arts of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric


“The Trivium is a body of learning whose roots go back into the classical Roman and Greek world and perhaps earlier.  At its core, it deals with language and the various ways we humans use it to communicate, reason and persuade.”John Martineau

triviumWritten by over 10 authors, this fun book is packed full of fabulous content and includes plenty of wonderful illustrations too.

Sections include:

  • Euphonics – playfully demonstrates the innate qualities of the various letters of the alphabet
  • Grammar – placing English grammar in the context of general grammar, gently building from words to clauses, and ultimately to the unit of the sentence
  • Poetic meter and form – joining sentences together into what is arguably the most beautiful expression of language
  • Logic – the rules by which truth and falsity are commonly deduced and inferred and exposing some nasty fallacies
  • Rhetoric – tools used by professional persuaders to bamboozle, charm and dazzle
  • Ethics – a reminder of the higher purpose of such a potent toolkit

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the power of ‘P’, or how to change the mood of a verb, or the hypnotic quality of anapestic tetrameter. If you’ve ever needed to spot a red herring, wield a Zeugma, or improve your Ethos, then this is the book for you.

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