Trials and Tribulations of a Bald Man – Adam Cameron


A comic cure for coping with baldness.

Based on true events, Trials and Tribulations of a bald man is the witty debut novel by Adam Cameron that will have readers laughing out loud – ‘the best medicine’ for baldness.

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Jimmy is plunged into despondency by his male pattern baldness. Due to his hair-loss induced low confidence, Jimmy struggles to engage with the opposite sex, and thus, to his utter dismay, remains a virgin until 21. On discovering the wig, however, Jimmy sees light at the end of a tunnel. But, even his humble wig in which he had the utmost faith, betrays him in his hour of need.

Part-autobiographical, Trials and Tribulations of a bald man is an entertaining and engaging book from start to finish. Fantastically written, this is a humorous and self-reflective account of coping with male pattern balding at a self-conscious age. Inspired by the author’s personal battles, Jimmy tries every remedy known to man from the weird to the wonderful, finally investing his hopes in a miracle wig that he then wrestles with. Readers will find themselves instantly rooting for the likeable Jimmy character who is brilliantly depicted, attracting sympathy and smiles in equal measure.

A joy to read, Trials and Tribulations of a bald man covers the serious and debilitating condition of alopecia with a slick balance of compassion and humour. It is recommended for anyone having more than a just the average bad hair day and for those looking for a bubbly and uplifting book. As the author concludes: “In light of bald men being more susceptible to corona infections, we baldies haven’t had it easy. It seems that the same damn hormone responsible for shedding our hair has now decided to embrace the virus with open arms! But let me tell you one thing Mr virus, this book will allow us baldies to have the last laugh because laughter is the best medicine”.

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Price: £4.99 (Paperback); £2.00 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 60
ISBN: 0244559546
ISBN: 9780244559540
Publisher: Lulu.com, February 2020

About the Author
Welsh biochemist, Adam Cameron only recently indulged his passion for writing, beginning with a book based on his own experiences as a 21-year old student who struggles to come to terms with his alopecia. On recollection, Adam describes the student feeling of old as soul-wrenching. Adam confessed he tried every remedy available, but nothing worked. He even considered hair-transplant, if finances allowed. But what Adam could afford was an ancient remedy offered by a con artist which, as reflected in his book, never worked. Also, reflected in his writing is his bizarre discovery of the wig, which yielded its own problems.