Timinology – Tim Leach

How to manage your thoughts, live a happy life,
embrace mindfulness and learn to love yourself

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“This book covers a multitude of daily habits that we, as humans, manage to get decidedly wrong.  As someone who has, for most of his life, found himself on the wrong side of the happiness fence, in this book I’ll show you how I learned to change these habits and turned my life around – through grit, determination and a lot of experience.  It’s what I call ‘Timinology’: my approach to leading a happy life, no matter what it throws at you.  Whatever your demons, reading these first-hand experiences and learning how to apply this approach will give you an invaluable armoury with which to fight them.”

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Excellent read – meaningful, honest and genuine. The musical references and anecdotes bring a lighthearted slant to something that obviously matters a huge amount to Tim. A must for anyone with an interest in Mindfullness and the real world applications of its practices.” – Anthony Collett

About the Author

Tim LeachTim Leach was lucky enough to grow up in an incredibly supportive family who gave him many more opportunities to succeed in life than the majority of children around the world experience.  Despite this, Tim left school at the age of 17 with absolutely no qualifications.  He successfully completed a two-year Business Studies course at college before enrolling in a Music Industry Management course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.  Within a couple of terms, Tim realised that this was not a course he had any interest in pursuing and instead applied and was accepted to study Law at Bristol University.

After taking a gap year from study, and travelling extensively around the world, Tim initially failed the first year of his degree as he was much more keen on partying and generally enjoying himself than in studying.  However, he realised he would have to knuckle down and eventually went on to obtain his degree.

Tim took the summer off, travelling and again enjoying himself, before turning his thoughts to applying for work in the City.  As a ‘final fling’ before beginning his corporate career, Tim decided to have a season working at the French ski resort of Meribel and signed on for a four-month stint.

However, everything changed for Tim one Saturday in February 2007.

A skiing accident saw Tim falling over the edge of a mountain.  He was left with a broken neck, broken back, snapped cruciate ligament, shattered left ankle and he hit his head so hard that he was put into an induced coma for three weeks.

During the subsequent five-years of rehabilitation and recovery, Tim explored ways and devised techniques that helped him to grow away from his previous, though unacknowledged, mindless attitude.

He has now put all of the valuable lessons he learned into his book, Timinology, as well as developing an online course and face to face consulting sessions which can be booked via his website.

They do say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, which I can proudly attest to, but knowing the pain and heartache that I put my family through, was it all worth it?  I didn’t decide to ski off that cliff, it was just an unforeseen circumstance that happened to take place; but if it wasn’t for the unending amount of support and love that I received from my whole family and network of friends, I would not be where I am today.”Tim Leach

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Timinology is a unique and well-researched book sharing powerful ways to overcome the challenges of life.  I was pleased to read how Tim debunks strategies unproven through the application of science.  I also enjoyed Tim’s emphasis on self-love, mindfulness and kindfulness – in my experience, these are deeply transformative tools.  If you enjoy stories and tools for self-transformation, this is the book for you!” – Shamash Alidina, author of Mindfulness for Dummies