This comical yarn will melt any reader’s heart


A chic-lit debut that is a must read for any knitting or crafting enthusiast


Claire can’t understand why her life, and her knitting, has suddenly started to unravel. Her new friend, Adrian, owner of the local wool shop Oddballs offers to help tame her woolly woes, and offers further support as she tries to get the other parts of her life back on track.

This humorous yarn is the perfect antidote to cold, winter nights

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Claire’s knitting is the least of her worries.  Her longest relationship to date has just ended, her job in the doctor’s surgery is about to disappear, and she feels she’s lost all direction in life.

Claire has never unravelled a woolly creation before.  But to her dismay, everything she knits is now riddled with dropped stitches and glaring holes.

After crossing paths with Adrian, the owner of the local wool shop however, Claire finally begins to get her life, and her knitting, back on track.  With his help, she secures a job and moves out of her parents’ home.  She also commits to finding Mr. Right.

Adrian, again, offers his moral support, and submits his profile to the dating site Claire joins (she thinks it’ll be fun to share their experiences).  The only trouble is, he has far more luck in the romance department than she does.

But it’s little wonder Claire can’t throw herself into dating.  She’s already found her perfect match.

Can she convince Adrian that they’re more than just friends?

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Claire sat at her desk, knitting needles in hand, stitches in place, pattern at the ready, and dishevelled ball of vivid red wool beside her. Knitting, to Claire, was usually a source of peace, but today she was not making the rhythmic click click of a knitter at ease. In fact, the only noise in the room came from the clock, tick-ticking her sanity away.

Even knitting can’t turn a doctor’s surgery into a place of calm and relaxation. She could sense the patients’ fear and anxiety. After the fortnight from hell, Claire’s place of work had turned from merely uncomfortable to almost unbearable. She’d turned to her knitting for comfort, believing a new life would start with a new project. But even that wasn’t going her way.

‘For crying out loud!’ she muttered. ‘I can’t even cast on now.’  She jabbed at her stitches, strangulating them with the yarn as it passed through, before shoving them over to her other needle, each movement punctuated with a grunt or tut.

At what age does it become an embarrassment to say you still live with your parents? This was the one thought Claire had been unable to budge for weeks. Her dispute with Muscles was still driving her crazy.

Claire had been happy. Well, maybe not happy. Content. She’d managed to be in a relationship with the same guy for over two years. That was an achievement in itself. Her self-proclaimed mediocre relationship, which her friends referred to as ‘being practically hitched’, had outlasted the record of her best friend, and was double the length of her perfect cousin Flora’s fluke of a marriage.

Even Claire’s parents had written her off as a lost cause.  In their opinion, she was doomed for a marriage way below their expectations.

Blah, blah, blah. Insert Austen novel here. 

They thought Claire could do better, but, for her, Muscles had been okay, and okay was all she was after.

She’d understood that they weren’t exactly compatible; his gym addiction and her passion for all things woolly didn’t mix well. In fact, Claire’s idea of exercise was her daily battle with her unruly red hair.

Muscles’ hobbies included blowing his money on overpriced protein shakes and passing comment on strangers’ body types (which often included a not-so-quiet rundown of the gruelling workout routines they needed to undergo ‘to sort themselves out’). In comparison, Claire enjoyed spending many a quiet hour creating fabulously bizarre knitted creations for her nearest and dearest. And, although she was aware they were two very different people, not once had she deemed it a problem. Until now.

They’d spoken only once since the argument: over the phone, to arrange a suitable time for Muscles to collect his dumbbells from her parents’ study. His obsession with the gym had even spread to her family home, and if this was it, then those dumbbells were the first things she wanted out of her sight. She would have thrown them into the street just to annoy him, but neither she nor her parents could lift them.

If she’d thought there was a second chance for her and Muscles it was pushed into the land of no return the evening he called to collect his weights. Claire was at work when he came for them, but when taking out the rubbish later that evening, she found the dumbbell cosies she’d lovingly hand-knitted chucked in the dustbin. There was no going back

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About the Author

Briony-150x150Briony Marshall is an author from the West Midlands in the UK.  She is a graduate from the University of Wolverhampton with a degree in Creative & Professional Writing with English.

Briony currently lives at home with her Mom, Dad and boyfriend.

When Briony is not writing, she’s knitting and when she’s not knitting, she’s drinking coffee.

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