This Author Gave Up A 6 Figure Salary To Write Full Time


This author gave up a 6 figure salary. He now makes over $100,000USD/year or more writing. His name is Chris Fox and he published his first book in October of 2014. We became aware of Chris’s story after he commented on our Reddit post regarding 1,340 authors earning $100,000/year or more. Half of Them Are Indies.

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We instantly wanted to explore more about his story. Fortunately he did an AMA on Reddit just 4 months ago. His author page is here: Chris Fox Amazon and the original Reddit AMA is here. We are going to dig into some of the key takeaways and explore his answers in more depth below.

The first point Chris raises about marketing is SO important! Check there is an audience for what you are writing if you are looking for large sales and big success. There is nothing wrong with writing in more niche genres. However, writing in a genre with a clear audience will make marketing much easier. Again if you are writing purely for enjoyment and to tell your story then this focus on audience is less important. BUT if you want to make a career of it you really need to think about you who is going to buy your book.

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Another point Chris echoes is that reviews are a function of sales. Reviews are social proof. The more positive reviews the more a potential reader will be likely to purchase your book. 10 good reviews is not enough. It needs to be 30+ or more to really see that snowball effect.

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Invest in your craft. Early on it is so important to invest in your product. Your book is your product. No amount of marketing can make up for a poor product.

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There are so many fantastic points listed in the AMA for authors. We would really urge you to head over and read the entire thread. Everything is covered from pen names to book marketing. Really interesting to read more from someone who is open about their tactics and how they are achieving sales. One of the largest takeaways is below. Writing is not a sprint it is a marathon.

Keep writing and NEVER give up.

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