Thirteen Brother Pirates: The Journey Begins by John R Mattox II


“A really good book.” – Harris

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13_Brother_Pirates_Cover_Art__CreateSpace_File_PPT--Portrait_v3“Excellent, excellent story!” –  Forrest G. Gardner

Spring 1775 Thirteen Brother Pirates is an adventure set on the cusp of the American Revolutionary War. For Mac, a teenage orphan on the streets of Southwark, London, war is as far away as the new world. He simply needs a place to stay for himself and for his sister Patti. Luckily, he stumbles upon a safe house filled with other teens like him.

But safety is short-lived. While playing one evening near the River Thames, he and his new-found friends are pressed into service by the Royal Navy—forced to work as sailors as they travel to the new world with a mission to hunt pirates.

The young crew faces challenges they never expected—climbing ratlines, sleeping in hammocks, eating maggot-filled biscuits. Worst of all, the tables are turned. Instead of hunting pirates, they are attacked by them! Half of the brothers are taken captive, leaving the rest aboard a disabled ship floating helplessly in the middle of the Atlantic.

Along the way, they learn to question authority, fight pirates and set their own course. Different characters narrate each chapter, and in this way their collective voices tell the tale of Thirteen Brother Pirates. Join the brothers on their journey. It begins in London. You will be surprised where it ends.

Biography of John R Mattox II

John R. Mattox, II is a writer who began typing stories into his father’s TRS 80 Color Computer as a child and hasn’t stopped writing since.  His favorite authors include Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Gladwell, Creighton, Cialdini, Gould, Tolkien, Conroy and anyone who can tell a good story and keep the pages turning.

He is currently employed by Corporate Executive Board as a Senior Measurement Consultant where he analyzes data and writes articles about learning and talent analytics.

“My 12 year old son thoroughly enjoyed this book. He enjoyed the characters & the storyline. He said it was interesting & well written. All around a “cool” book.” – Renee Ruzzo

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