The World of Antheric: Rise of the Saviour – Marcus J. Anthony


The unity of the World of Antheric is unbalanced…

Rumours say the spirit of Lord Gaul endured the power of Mighty Layos and the Twelve Raelmarons of the Alore in the Great War long ago. Slowly, the World of Antheric was corrupted by Gaul’s whispers, bidding continents against continents; kingdoms against kingdoms.

For thousands of years, the Daímons of the Domainvile continent have sought to conquer the Continent of Zuetar, waging war with its capital country; Mavore. But the power of the Pneuma Warriors proved too great for Domainvile’s armies too often, and yet, more enemies within Zuetar seek to dethrone King Basen Nador.

Jenin O’Brien is a teenager from Earth. Struggling with his demons, Jenin pines to have a decent life, but soon learns he was selected by Mighty Layos as the Chosen Saviour of Light to restore balance back to the World of Antheric.

Joined by four Pneuma Warriors, Jenin must embark on a dangerous quest to stop three curses that will destroy the Continent of Zuetar, created by the Valltar Brothers – the Daímon Kings of Domainvile.

A force looms over Jenin, awaiting him to choose a path; the Light, or Darkness.

Enter the first adventure of the World of Antheric Saga.



Jenin’s eyes woke to a yellow skylight. The warmth air hit off his face. He sat up on the thick, long grass that waved through a giant field with large daisies peeking out of the green. Jenin sat up, wiping the melted snow from his forehead; his tracksuit still damp. He stood up, looking up at the blazing yellow sun that sat in the turquoise sky. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something sparkly zoom passed his eyes. A buzzing sound struck his ear, and he turned around. A tiny, insect-sized man flapped his transparent wings, hovering above Jenin’s head. He placed his little hand on his sparkling body and a sword – the size of a toothpick – appeared in his opposite hand. He fluttered to Jenin’s shoulder and bowed.

“I’m dreaming,” Jenin whispered. “What are you? A pixy?”

The little man hissed and swiped his sword across Jenin’s cheek, leaving a small scratch. “Pixies are no longer friends of fairies,” his squeaky voice whined, and he ascended to the sky, disappearing into the sunlight. 

Buzzing sounds greeted Jenin’s ears again. This time, it was a beetle, bumblebee, and a ladybug. A memory entered his mind. He thought of the night he was kidnapped by Lee and Andy, and he met these same insects just before the underground car park fell into darkness and he was saved by someone or something. The bugs flew around his face, almost like they were dancing or trying to perform some sort of signal. The bee approached his nose and stung him.

“Ah, ye little cunt,” Jenin growled. The bugs soared through the field, flying over the waving grass. “Wait, come back! I’m sorry!” Jenin ran, slapping the long grass and daisies out of his face. He encountered more fairies, darting by him like little colourful stars.

A shadow loomed over him, and he glanced up to see a giant bird soaring through the sky. Its feathers were red, and it had a sharp yellow beak. Long feathers stuck out of the back of its head, shaping like a ponytail. Jenin yelled with fear, diving to the ground, and covered his body with the grass. The loud caw echoed through the field, and the giant bird flew away towards the mountains in the far distance.

Jenin stood up; his legs trembling, and he panted. “Where the fuck am I?” He wiped the sweat from his face, and he continued walking. The grass grew shorter the more he travelled, and he saw fewer flowers. He then paused when his eyes caught sight of a large green mound where four figures stood motionless on top of it; the sunset glimmered behind them while the sky dimmed down to a brownish-gold shade.

The four wore black leather jumpsuits with a hood attached that hung over their heads. They had white wavy markings travelling around their arms and torso with a white four-sided star crested on their chests. The three males wore heavy, black combat boots while the only female wore a dress version of the uniform, which had a perfect split that revealed her pure white tights and knee-high black boots.

The male that carried a long, golden spear on his back stepped forward. “Jenin O’Brien.”

“How do ya know my name?” 

“Are you frightened, human?” the hooded man asked.

Jenin scowled with an eyebrow raised. “Human? I’m not frightened, I’m feckin’ baffled about where the fuck I am!”

“You no longer breath the air of Earth. You have entered the World of Antheric.”

Jenin froze for a moment. “I don’t know what you’re smoking, but it sounds pretty good. Now, where am I?”

“You are in the World Beyond. Currently, you stand on the Continent of Zuetar – the greatest of all continents of Antheric.”

The World Beyond…” Jenin muttered, racing through his thoughts.

“This is the Country of Modreal. This is home to many wildlife and the fairies who live in peace, thanks to our protection.”

“Shut up,” Jenin yelled. “You talk like you aren’t humans! Take off your hoods!”

The four exchanged looks, and the leader nodded. They slid back their hoods, and Jenin saw that they were just a woman and three men. All of them were muscular and toned.

The leader wore a stern expression, with dark-green eyes and light-blonde hair that blended with his trimmed beard. “Do you feel more at ease, human?”

“Who are you?” Jenin yelled.

“You have nothing to fear, Jenin.” The female smiled, her big chocolate brown eyes looking down at Jenin. Her wavy brown hair was thick, flowing down over her chest. She carried a golden bow and a pouch of arrows on her back.

“I don’t mean to be rude to a beautiful woman like yourself, but it’s pretty hard to be calm after you wake up in a different world,” Jenin shouted, and the woman blushed.

“There is no reasoning with him, Mollaye,” the blonde man said bitterly while placing his hand on the woman’s shoulder.

“One of ya explain why I’m here.” Jenin said.

The man with messy orange hair and fluffy beard stood forward. He was the tallest of the group and the palest. He carried a golden double-bladed axe on his white belt. He glanced down at Jenin with warm bright-green eyes. “I am Danielon, and these are my companions; Arawn and Mollaye.” He pointed to the right where the blonde leader and female stood. “And this is Evona.” Danielon pointed at the muscular man to his left.

“You may call me Ev,” he said quickly. Ev had long, dark-brown hair that fell to his elbows. His blue eyes rolled out of disappointment towards Danielon for mentioning his full name, touching the hilts of the two golden daggers that hung on each hip.  “Proceed, Danni. Tell Jenin who he is.”

“I know who I am, mate,” Jenin said.

“You are the Chosen Saviour of Light. The Protector of Antheric and you will restore balance to our world,” Danni said, and Jenin fell into laughter.

“Shut it, you nitwit,” Arawn snapped. “You should be honoured. You were chosen by Mighty Layos as the Saviour of the world he created!”

“So, you’re saying I was chosen by your God,” Jenin said. “Why would he choose me to save his world? I’m just a teenager from Dublin Ireland. I’ve hurt more than I’ve saved.”

“Indeed, you are no Saviour in my eyes. But you are the only hope for Antheric. This is your destiny,” Arawn said.


About the Author

Marcus J. Anthony is an upcoming author from Dublin, Ireland who published the previous version of the book Love of Sacrifice before he rebooted it into the World of Antheric.

Some who have known Marcus from school found the news of his book a surprise, as Marcus struggled through school dealing with dyslexia and social anxiety. Marcus had a lack of focus in his studies and would spend most of his time daydreaming about flying on dragons or waving a wand to cast a spell. Fantasy fuelled Marcus’ mind, however, it cost him to fall behind in school. He would be exempt from Irish language studies, which was disheartening for him to not be able to translate his countries original language.

When Marcus was ten, he suffered from sleep anxiety. So, he decided to use his strong imagination to create ‘movies’ in his head that would help him sleep. That was when some of the characters in this novel were created. In the years that followed the movies in his head developed and became a magical world that Marcus could not resist writing.

Creative writing became his passion, and Marcus was not going to allow his dyslexia to stop him from achieving. He spent most of his teenage years (staying home on weekends) writing and learning until he found the writing style that fit him.

Marcus has a great love for animals and supports charities. He is vocal about the awareness of animal abuse, which he expressed in the story through Jenin’s past experiences. Marcus currently has four cats: Summer, Junior, Littler, and Leia.

In 2017 Marcus fell into a dark spell of generalised anxiety and depression, which delayed his book’s release. The Black Grawth came from his experience with anxiety and panic attacks. And Gaul – the Dark Lord was a figure that represented the darkness of depression. With the help of treatment, family, and meditation Marcus found strength and happiness again and continues to write, with the world around him as his inspiration. He enjoys spending time with his boyfriend, watching Professional Wrestling, and writing the next books in the series of the World of Antheric.

Marcus J. Anthony can be contacted at marcusanthonyauthor@hotmail.com for business enquiries.