The Woman and The Dragon – Shaaloo Jackson


When angels beat demons and your destiny beckons.

The Woman and the Dragon is the unique novel by Shaaloo Jackson that superbly criss-crosses significant themes of religion, mental health, spirituality and love.

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Angels’ lives hang in the balance, subject to the mercy of a society of potential allies. But, you can save an angel’s life if you hesitate for a second or deliberate your own destiny with another agenda. When heroes need a hero, one woman with a conscience that needs no reason steps up and doesn’t stop to think about herself. A war is inevitable and alternative revelations transpire where only love can conquer hatred. But can it conquer death…?

Beneath the gripping narrative of The Woman and the Dragon lies a high-paced, dramatic story of relentless love, lust, revenge and terror. Superbly written, the book is instantly engaging and easy to follow. The story stuns its readers by revealing a revelation that is witnessed by its central female character. With fear battling fate, she redefines feelings of paranoia to ignite her inner psychic strength. Then, faced with an unfathomable danger that threatens herself and society, the empowering revelation changes her pathway and outlook forever. Sanity becomes her saviour and, for a woman at war, her mental resilience becomes her weapon.

The Woman and the Dragon captivates its audience with a continuous and clever interplay around themes of psychological stress, religious truth and spiritual guidance. Conceived through the author’s personal battle with mental health, The Woman and the Dragon is a candid and honest story that translates the author’s sophisticated thoughts on mental health into a fluent story with a moral victory of avenging mental anguish. With an underlying Christian message, the book also provides a platform encouraging readers to make their own informed interpretation of what ‘Revelation’ ultimately means.

Harrowing yet hopeful, The Woman and the Dragon is a spell-bending, spiritual book that challenges its readers’ belief systems and leaves a mindful imprint. With its realistic twists and turns, the concluding chapter delivers one final and startling revelation. The Woman and the Dragon is an appealing read for a wide audience.

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“Paranoia has never been so close to genius. When you read between the lines you can all see the story for what it is. As a Christian, I struggle to accept this but it makes a good story nevertheless.” Tina Brown

“[The Woman and the Dragon is…] very unique, the attitude of the woman matches the subject matter and throughout it makes the reader believe the reality in the narrator’s feverish, paranoid thoughts” Anonymous

Price: $15.78 (Paperback)
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781728354699

About the Author
Shaaloo Jackson lives in Hereford with her estranged husband and their 12-year-old son. Having a degree in chemistry, she chose to evade this as a career and held various part-time occupations, always bringing in the subsidiary earnings. After an epic religious experience, Shaaloo was diagnosed with a mental illness and certain inexplicable occurrences during her life kept her mind open to spiritualism. An electrical storm tore through the fabric of the atmosphere to allow angels to descend and knock on her door. Leading a humble life on a menial income she was in a position to dedicate her life to angels seeking asylum. Shaaloo personally pledges all royalties from her book to the Yemen crisis appeal. Rather than measuring herself by academic achievements, Shaaloo is a modern-age spiritual guru.