The Voice of Silence – Aaron Parker


Poignant poems and roaring personal reflections.

The Voice of Silence is a unique collection of poems and personal passages by promising new writer, Aaron Parker.


This entrancing fusion of poetry, philosophical thoughts and definitions are uniquely created and interpreted by a talented author living with Autism. With more than 180 pieces, The Voice of Silence, passionately reflects his intense feelings and ideas across a range of subjects, covering everything from life, love, hopes and dreams to hypotheses on mental health and money.

In the opening chapter, the author’s inspiration comes from the popular Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon’s melodic words in The Sound of Silence. And the vision that was planted in my brain,   Still remains,  Within the sound of silence.”

The writer’s visions and genuine thoughts then come alive throughout the book in a generous thread of poems and contributions that evoke his unique personality, spirituality, political learnings and life observations.

The Voice of Silence has a distinct and effective style of writing. In ‘Officer Bob’, the repetitive words ‘Bang, bang’ mimic a police officer’s weapon and the dialogue is deliberately directed at the audience: I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd! You’re gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud!”

The presentation of language is varied and creative, shifting from just one sentence in parts (‘Compassion Quote’) to lengthier extracts, poems and quotes from famous philosophers, such as Plato, Leo Tolstoy and Aaron himself. In ‘My Mental Health Poem for The World: We Are the Warriors’, the voice of the author strikes a chord, and, like all his words, command the reader’s attention: That in this world we’re forced to fight. Well know this, we’re crying out for justice, And in a just world you would hear our plea. It should matter not what condition we have, But who that we choose to be.

Much more impressive than any run of the mill poetry book, The Voice of Silence is an outstanding triumph of true thinking, with a rich and quirky selection of moving poems and pieces to mull over. The writer’s originality and personal views shine through each written passage and, at times, are spelt out in titles, such as ‘Aaron’s Vow’ and ‘Aaron’s Code’.

The Voice of Silence is an uplifting and inspiring collection that succeeds at being quietly thoughtful yet amplified with roaring mental health messages, different definitions of Autism and critical thoughts that deserve to be heard. In ‘Can you Hear Me?’, the author asks: The words shape in my head, As the little voice says, Start over son and get out of bed. I will fight! Hear me roar!!! In a nation causing mayhem, I won’t cower, what for?

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Price: £10.00 (Paperback); £2.99 (Kindle Edition) 
Pages: 160 
ISBN-13: 979-8623725097
Independent Publisher: March 2020

About the Author

Aaron Parker is a young man from North Yorkshire who is living with Autism. He is well on his way to becoming an established author. His latest work The Voice of Silence is his collection of personal thoughts and poems written in his unique style. An eclectic mix of topics are covered, including: mental health, philosophy and an analysis of the different types of Autism. “How does Autism make me feel? It makes me feel alive.” – Aaron.