The Vanishing Café – Hana Esselink


Its a tale of magic with little treasures in her pages amongst its realness. – Amazon Customer


The cafe was hardly trendy. Dim, indifferently furnished, it existed almost outside time. Oddly, it never even had a name, just a distinctive red canopy. But inside, Nina met people who opened her eyes to the world – to worlds behind the world. Small-p philosophers, Tarot-card readers, wise misfits, inspired eccentrics. Miraculous things took place there. Nina found she could hear what others were thinking. For a few minutes one day, before her eyes, the dowdy room transformed itself into a Buddhist temple. Over time, the cafe transformed Nina. She became more mindful, more receptive…more loving. It was a supernatural experience; a metaphysical awakening.

And that let her find love. Nina married Pieter. Reliable, stable, wonderful Pieter. Now, after five years away, she has the chance to revisit the cafe. She has the chance to show him the miraculous place that changed her.

But the cafe, once so brilliant with life and spirit, is derelict.

And there’s a second shock. Pieter, ever the cool rationalist, scoffs at the very idea of the cafe’s magical realism. He disbelieves Nina’s transformation – the very thing that allowed her to love him.

Nina is bereft. Her friends, her teachers, her guides are gone. Suddenly, with the cafe defunct and Pieter mocking it – mocking her! – she’s no longer sure of anything.

Had that red canopy truly shaded a doorway to higher consciousness? Or had it all just been a supernatural hallucination?

And…must her marriage break up over this? If Pieter can’t accept this most important, magical truth of her life, could it possibly last?

If only the café would suddenly reappear, so that she can convince Pieter of its power and win back his trust!

Or can she somehow manage that on her own?

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If you enjoy eavesdropping, you will love visiting the Vanishing Cafe! You will meet finely drawn characters and share their thoughts, feelings and conversations. For me, some were like old friends while others were interesting because I just don’t know people like them! 
‘Memory is the key to holding what you treasure the most’ a lasting truth observed by Nina who tells this story.” – Judith R Johnson

About the Author 

Hana Esselink is a Public Relations Consultant, who has worked in Communications for 16 years for public and private sector organisations, charities and individuals. She has worked for organisations with high profile reputations such as the National Audit Office, HMRC and the Food Standards Agency.

Hana has helped an East London based artist who was a former businessman, to achieve success in producing two solo exhibitions. One featured on BBC London news and the other received good media coverage in East London.

A creative thinker who relates well to people from different backgrounds and ages, Hana grew up in multi-cultural London – a city that influences her work and writing.  She likes to think and develop ideas outside the box. She is also interested in spirituality and is a devotee of yoga and swimming. A keen traveller who likes to experience other cultures, Hana enjoys writing, art, music, film, cooking, reading a good novel and visiting diverse parts of London, such as Brick Lane.

As a writer, Hana likes to explore the human and metaphysical aspects of life. She is currently writing her second novel, set in the era of Jesus Christ.

Hana currently lives in South Kensington, West London.

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It’s a contradiction like many of its characters – looking at our day to day challenges and weaving it in with aspects of magical realism…I enjoyed reading about the café and its transformation too and found myself wishing there were a place like it in London!” – K Blakemore-Noble