The U.S. Navy Seal: The only easy day was yesterday – William H. Brackley


“A sensational masterclass on how to deliver a debut novel. Brackley had me hooked from page one with a relentless adventure that had intrigue, action and twists throughout. If you love storytelling, you’ll love The U.S. Navy Seal!”
Joe Black

The year is 2072.

A US Government facility is on the verge of collapse.

The Government send a team of Navy Seals to investigate, but what they discover is far more than what they bargained for…

Jenna Marks is a decorated Navy SEAL who is on the verge of retirement. Before she chooses to bow out however, there is one more operation to be undertaken, and through her unwavering patriotism, she carries it out.

650 military personnel have mysteriously disappeared and realising the sheer volume of financial spending towards this facility, Jenna labels it a potential scandal in America that she cannot face.

The mission is to carry out an operation to destroy any and all evidence linking government funds going into the facility. Though seemingly simple, this final mission reveals a deadlier reality, one of the most dangerous Marks has ever taken on. It immediately becomes apparent that there is something much larger lingering in the deep of the shadows of the cavernous ocean facility – an enemy with speed and intelligence surpassing any soldier in US history.

The level of deceit that is revealed exist beyond her wildest imagination, and now as the operation turns more sinister, that deception threatens not only herself, but a scandal that could destroy America and everything the American people have ever believed to be true.

For the elite team on SEALS tasked with securing down the facility, they rapidly find themselves in a dangerous race against time to evacuate the facility before it sinks deep into the treacherous oceans below.

They are not alone.

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The U.S. Navy Seal: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, is immediately available on Amazon in paperback (from £11.99) and Kindle edition.

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Author Bio

William. H. Brackley was born in September 1986 and raised in Glasgow. During Primary and Secondary school, William took to reading like a natural, but post leaving, he steered more towards the medium of movies and TV Shows. In doing so, his creativity formed into large scale ideas for stories and slowly, he manufactured big projects but also felt a bit ambitious to create.

Following 2013/2014, William began writing his first novel and drew a lot of his inspiration from movies including All the President’s Men, 3 Days of the Condor, Michael Clayton, Aliens and Predator.

After constructing a 250-page-long original idea, the trigger for The U.S. Navy Seal Series originated from a quote by Jennifer Lawrence, claiming that there was not a proper action franchise for women. Almost automatically, William re-wrote those 250 pages from a women’s perspective and created his protagonist’s character with a lot of resemblance to Ellen Ripley’s character from Aliens.

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Excerpt from Chapter 1 – The Cleaners

With speed, we prepped our wingsuits and put our helmets on before simultaneously switching on the systems that had been built into our helmets, which,  apparently, were still in the beta stage of testing. 

“System initialising, please stand by…” a woman’s voice said as an image of a smaller version of the facility appeared in the left-hand corner of my helmet screen. The system then began to draw out a map of our current location in relation to the facility.

Harrison then quietly got up from his seat and placed his helmet on and, without saying a word to anyone, ran down the walkway and disappeared into the dark grey clouds that were surrounding the AC-130. He was quickly  followed into the dark thunderous night by Fredrickson, Carter and Woods. 

Standing there, alongside Langley, I continued to glare at him while realising, and sensing, that there was a great deal of weight resting on  both my shoulders. I slowly turned my attention back to the ramp and, without thinking twice, found myself running down the walkway into the dark stormy night which stood before me. According to my system, Langley had followed me off the ramp and was only a couple of metres away from me as we began to fly through the night sky; the AC-130 disappearing from our sight. 

Exhilaration was one way of describing the sheer rush of adrenaline that was soon travelling through my body as the heavy rain began to cover my helmet. I steadily gained speed as I travelled further into the clouds. I was now continuously wiping the helmet as the rain was much heavier now. However, in the not too far distance, fire and smoke could be seen burning into the night sky. I slowly began to hear noises, which were becoming louder by the second, as I found myself approaching the facility at full speed. Within minutes, Langley and I were seeing the full extent of the damage to the facility in all its might.

The corridors on the outside had been destroyed, while the glass that once formed the curved roof, which was now our entry point, had been shattered to smithereens. The worst part was yet to come. As we neared the glass centrepiece in the middle, hundreds of corridors were falling into the ocean below. From what my helmet had calculated, it was a drop of well over 300 feet or so. 

Langley and I joined the others on the helipad. We took off our wingsuits and placed them in our rucksacks before getting into formation and advancing towards the six-inch reinforced titanium door, which sat about a couple hundred metres in front of us. 

Harrison and Fredrickson quickly drew out the C4 charges and began to place them delicately, and with precision, around the door before indicating for us to stand back.  Standing towards the right, the feeling that something wasn’t right about this place began to creep into the fray. It was becoming apparent that, in some way, we needed something else for this whole scenario to work. With the equipment we’d been given, we’d barely make it through another day. 

Langley nodded his head towards Harrison, who quickly hit the charge. Instantly, the charges went off in a domino effect, and as the last charge blew, the door creaked for a good few seconds before dropping to the floor and onto the large puddles that lay there.

We stood there, gazing into the pitch blackness that stood before us while, not too far behind us, the dark thunderous night was bringing heavier rain. I was beginning to think that it was going to be one of those nights where only God could judge whether we would make this mission a successful one, or one where there would be no end in sight. Standing there quietly, I began to wipe the droplets of water off the front of my helmet as it was becoming a lot harder to see anything around me. 

The six of us failed to move. Instead, we stared at the black, dark brooding entrance that stood before us. I began to think that, for the first time in my twenty years of being a decorated US Navy SEAL, and all the missions in the world I had been a part of, this operation was going to probably redefine everything that had gone wrong since the country had had to deal with the aftermath of the Watergate scandal a hundred years ago. Strangely, the fact was, this mission alone wouldn’t be exhilarating like the other missions. Roughly speaking, the only thing it would bring was signing, sealing and, probably, the delivery of our own death certificates.