The Twins of Moon – Frank P. Ryan


“Magnificently Tense,”
The Sunday Times.

“Wonderfully written with solid prose and great pace, cleverly crafted, wonderfully woven and all round really does give you something special.”
Falcata Times.

Publishers’ Weekly.

About the Book

A set of twins are on the run.

Eefa and her brother Magio are being hunted by a ruthless predator with wolves in tow. The carefree life they lived in the ramshackle town of Warren on the semi-tropical isle of the moon soon feels like a distant memory.

Eefa is invisible to everybody but Magio.

After a kidnap attempt of Eefa intervened by a roaming stranger scorned with reputation, and the death of their loving Gran, has meant only one outcome is necessary. They must abandon their childhood home where their lives are turned upside down as they flee. Self-discovery is imminent, will they find sanctuary from the malevolent forces closing in about them. What will the Valley of the Raptors tell them?

 The Twins of Moon is the new epic fantasy novel from Frank P. Ryan, coming after his previously acclaimed best-selling series The Three Powers, including a quartet of books, The Snowmelt River (top ten seller in fantasy on Amazon.co.uk), The Tower of Bones, The Sword of Feimhin and The Return of the Arinn.

The Author

Beyond being a celebrated internationally successful epic fantasy and thriller writer, Frank is an equally talented qualified doctor. Married with two children and two grandchildren, his family unit is an anchor for his other interests including art, as he ran an art gallery himself for ten years. His books reach into both Fiction and Non-Fiction fields and have been translated into ten different languages. Critical acclaim has followed Frank’s work, namely “Book of the Year” in the New York Times Book Review for his non-fiction title The Forgotten Plague.

“For me, above all else, fantasy is highly imaginative, literally magical both to write and to read. To paraphrase Elton John, ‘It’s as if something unknown had come into your life’”. (Author’s Welcome – frankpryan.com)

“Life certainly does take us on a strange, sometimes hurtful, but perhaps in the end exhilarating and exciting journey.” (The Artist as a Young Man – frankpryan.com)

Other of Frank’s notable works include:

Sweet Summer, Tiger Tiger, and Goodbye Baby Blue – a trio of Detective thrillers featuring Detective Inspector Sandy Woodings (initially published by Hodder/Coronet, and later republished by Swift).

The Doomsday Genie – an apocalyptic thriller (published by Swift).