The Thinking Franchise by Anthony Mitchel


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Thinking is of the times and trials and adventures of Connor Talbot with biblical overtones, a man without a purpose that finds himself in a complex of situations in the past and the present. What is real and what is fantasy; the imagination is a weird and wonderful thing but when confronted with reality the two never meet.

Go to 5th Century BC and get involved with the Spartans and Athenians, Plato and Socrates the great philosophers, Meticulos and Stimulos the maids, and Plutonic and Phallic. Draghda the Druid in the Stone Age who has been waiting seventeen years for the Five Tench of Reason to arrive in a cavern in the hills of the White Horse, not far from Avebury and Silsbury Hill and The Sanctuary, where sacrifices are made.

He becomes the assistant to one of the great artists of the RenaissanceMichelange to sharpen and maintain his chisels. They are both poor and hard up for cash and with the artists assistant have to find ways of making money, and someone to buy the sculptor (La Pieta) he has nearly finished, that was intended for a priest in the Vatican, but the he died and did not pay the commission.

A love affair with the mother of Plato, an orgy in a castle, cannot make up for the mystery of a Lady who arrives in time for dinner at Chateau La Coste the home of the Marquis de Sade, and becomes the delight of the table.

And then there is the psychiatrist and the receptionist, who is interviewing Connor Talbot extracting the stories out of him. He is working out an affair, the psychiatrists chair.

Its mind games: are you really who you think you are or is it one of those questions: ‘It seems to be’.

Biography of Anthony Mitchel 

Anthony Mitchel a British writer has written the Thinking Franchise which has grown into a Trilogy.

It began in 2000 and has since grown into an epic story of adventure and challenge that will intrigue and delight the reader.

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