The Spell of Pencliff: Volume 1 (The Claudia Quash Series) by Wendy Hobbs


“Fantastic book.” – Liz
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“Claudia Quash – a fabulous read!”

On her thirteenth birthday, Claudia Quash receives a mysterious letter. It unlocks an unsolved crime, and Claudie has to clear her family name. Little does she know that she’ll be transported back in time into a magical world, where she also discovers special powers of her own.

On her journey she’ll be chasing criminals, making new friends, and facing a dark terror that hovers over the land. If she can’t solve the mystery she might never return home.

Biography of Wendy Hobbs

Wendy Hobbs, a solicitor, lives in Cardiff, South Wales, with her husband, her daughter, Claudia and a cat. She worked as a property lawyer and gave up her legal career to follow her heart and study for a degree in Theatre and Drama.

She embraced her artistic side, enjoying storytelling, creating contemporary theatre, dance performances, television appearances, photographic work and modelling. While she was studying for a teaching qualification, she wrote short stories for her daughter, Claudia. This gave her the idea to write apart-fact, part-fiction, magical story about

Claudia waking up on her thirteenth birthday, ready for an adventure. She receives a letter from beyond the grave, from a relative she had never met  and dashes up to London to investigate. This is her first novel.

This book is a real page-turner. The main character Claudia, goes on a magical journey and meets some amazing characters. Her adventure is exciting and dangerous and full of cliff hangers. Thoroughly recommended!”  

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.