The Space Between Our Tears – John Regan



If tears are the manifestation of our grief, what lies within the space between them?

Deep and powerful read… There is some beautifully written poetry throughout the book which adds to the overall feeling. The characters are well developed and believable.
Be warned, this is a real tear jerker.
” – AvidReader

After experiencing massive upheavals in her personal life, Emily Kirkby decides to write a novel. But as she continues her writing, the border between her real life and fiction begin to blur.

Sometimes even the smallest of actions can have far-reaching, and profound consequences. When a pebble is cast into the pool of life, there is no telling just how far the ripples will travel.

A rich and powerful story about love in all its many guises.
A story about loss and bereavement.
A story about guilt and redemption, regret and remorse.
But mainly, chiefly, it’s about love.


A sad and touching book, a cut above normal novels in this genre. As a previous reviewer stated, the poetry throughout makes it stand out.” – Charlotte

About the Author

John Regan is a born and bred Teessider who is massively proud of his northern roots.  He combines working full-time as a telecom engineer with his writing and, to date, has written four novels.

A love of the English language and a passion for words led to John joining a creative writing course in his late-forties.  He had always wanted to write, but never genuinely believed he would complete even one book, never mind four.  Encouraged and enthused by other members of the class, and a belief that it is never too late to follow your passion, the genesis of John’s first novel began.  Since then he has published four books, all in different genres.

John has appeared on local radio talking about his work, and has held several book signings in the region which give him an opportunity to meet with people and discuss his novels and writing in general, which is something he loves to do.

Previous Books

The Hanging Tree – a gritty, adult thriller set in Teesside and North Yorkshire.
Persistence of Vision – a psychological thriller,
The Romanov Relic – a comedy thriller

John’s latest novel, The Space Between Our Tears, gave him the opportunity to write about love and all the emotions it encapsulates. It also gave him the chance to include some of his poetry, for which he has a real passion. The poetry is tailored to fit in with the overall story and has themes such as loss, guilt and death.

Due to the popularity of The Hanging Tree, John is currently working on a sequel.  The Fallen Leaves, is due to be published next year.

John says, “I would encourage anyone who feels they have a story to tell to go for it, and put pen to paper. I am proof that it really is never too late.”

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Richard handed her one of the menus.  “The waiter said there were specials as well.  On the board over there.”  Nodding at the wall behind her.

Emily accepted the menu from him.  “I’m sure I can find something in here.  A friend of mine in London worked at a swanky restaurant.  She told me the specials were usually stuff they wanted rid of.”

“You worked in London?”

“Ten years of commuting.”

“Ever thought of moving there, permanently?”

“Absolutely not,” she said.

Richard smiled.  “Why?  Don’t you like the big city?”

“Too hectic.  The people are ignorant as well.  I prefer it up north, where genuine people live.”

“You don’t work there now, then?”

Emily threw her head back and giggled.  “Packed my job in.  I worked in a publishing house, and the drip, drip, drip of travelling up and down the country turned into a deluge one day.  I marched into my boss’s office and handed in my notice.  She was shocked I remember.  Quite enjoyed that.”

“Didn’t you like the job?”

“Yeah.  Sort of.  I didn’t hate it.  Loved the money.”

Richard nodded.  “Publishers.  Any bestsellers I might know?”

“We published non-fiction.  A lot of academic books, that sort of thing.  You may have seen the classic.  Animal husbandry and the pitfalls.”

Richard chuckled.  “I think I missed that particular gem.”  Gently tapping her hand. “What do you do now?”



Emily leant back in her chair and took a large gulp of wine.  “Yeah.  Indolence makes a fabulous pair of slippers.”

“I wish I could afford to do that.  I sell cars for a living.  Admittedly, top of the range, expensive cars.”

Emily smiled.  “I can’t afford to not work.  Well, not forever.  My savings will run out eventually.  I am writing a book though.”

“A follow-up to Animal husbandry?”

“No.” She giggled.  “If I ever manage to finish it.”

Richard smiled at her.  “I’m sure you will.”

“How do you know?  We’ve only just met.”

“I have a feel for these things.  You seem the determined sort.”

“I’ve got a contingency plan.  In case I don’t manage to get it published.”

“What’s that then?” A waitress appeared next to them, pen poised.

They both ordered starters and main courses.  The waitress smiled politely, collected the menus, and left.

Richard sipped his drink and picked up the wine bottle. He paused, gazed at her, and replenished their glasses. ‘Come on then. What’s your contingency plan?’

‘Marry a rich man and live off him.’

Richard raised his glass aloft. ‘Gooood plan.’

Emily leant back in her seat. ‘What about your job?’

‘It isn’t what I had in mind when I left school. But after being tossed about like flotsam on the sea of life, you find yourself washed up on a beach somewhere. A beach called reality.’

‘Love your metaphor.’ She removed a small notepad from her handbag. ‘You don’t mind if I nick it do you?’ She jotted it down.

Richard furrowed his brow. ‘Why?’

‘For my story. I’m always on the look-out for bits of dialogue. That sounded great.’

Richard raised his eyebrows. ‘Would I make a good character?’ He took a sizable mouthful from his glass.

Emily smiled and leant in closer. ‘I see you in a puffy shirt and breeches. Not sure if you’d be a hero or a villain yet.’

‘Hero, definitely.’

‘Actually, it’s a love story.’ Sidestepping his comment.

‘Love story, eh. What’s it about?’

‘A couple called Ben and … I haven’t decided on a name for his wife yet.’

‘Will that be enough to make a full book?’

‘There’ll be a bit more to it than that. I’ve only just started it really. You can read it when I finish it.’

‘I will. I’ll look forward to that.’

Emily picked up her glass and took a small sip. ‘Why don’t you pack your job in?’

‘Not everyone’s as—’

‘Mad?’ Emily said.

‘I was going to say … brave.’

‘Oh, I am. Brave that is. I’m Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, until my credit card bill pops through the door.’

Richard laughed. ‘My bill generally resembles the battle of the Somme.’

‘Oh dear. Sounds like you need to find yourself a wealthy widow.’

‘Mmm. Not a bad shout. However, I was thinking more along the line of my own dealership.’ Emily raised her glass.

‘That works too. Here’s to your first million.’

Richard raised his glass, clinking it with Emily’s. ‘I’ll drink to that.’