The Sleeping Giant Mountain – Sharon Underwood



The Sleeping Giant Mountain is a new and exciting adventure story from children’s author, Sharon Underwood. Doulton, Charlie and their new friend Josh, secretly plan to uncover the mysteries surrounding the lake… but will they be brave enough when they discover the truth?

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“Wow! Do monsters live in that lake Dad?” “Monsters don’t live in lakes.” “They do!” stated Doulton, defiantly. “What about the Loch Ness Monster? I’ve seen hundreds of photos, so I know it’s true!” The enormous lake glistened and shimmered like a mirror.  “Look at that mountain over there, boys. If you stare at the ridge, it looks like a huge man relaxing on his back. The locals call that mountain “The Sleeping Giant.” “Please can we go and meet him Dad?” pleaded Charlie, making everyone laugh.

Doulton and his younger brother Charlie, travel to Spain on a family holiday. Just below their summer home, is a beautiful lake overlooked by a large shadowy mountain. Every night, the boys are shaken awake, as their beds begin to tremble. Baffled and confused, Doulton, Charlie and their new friend Josh, decide to investigate. Will they learn the truth and save the lake?

Secrets surrounding a huge mountain and a shimmering lake, are waiting to be discovered.

* * *

Endlessly charming and funny, The Sleeping Giant Mountain features beautiful full-page illustrations plus a great introduction to new Spanish words and phrases.

An action-packed outdoors adventure which is sure to be a hit with younger readers.

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Reading level: Ages 5-8
Price: £9.99 (Paperback), £3.99 (eBook)
Pages: 36
ISBN: 9781913704957

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About the Author

Sharon Underwood was born near Salisbury in the UK and relocated in 2001 to the beautiful unspoilt area of Axarquia, in Southern Spain. Since then, Sharon has enjoyed selling houses in the sun and helping people fulfil their dream of living in Spain.

During Covid 19, Sharon’s busy life as an estate agent was abruptly paused, however lockdown presented a unique opportunity to fulfil her own personal dream, of writing children’s books.

The Sleeping Giant Mountain is Sharon’s first book of a series to be published.