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This book gives you the Egyptian key to your own enlightenment.  

Wow! A truly gripping eye opener for many ‘sleeper cells’ and confirmation for the awakened!  Thank you so much for all the years of research you have saved us ‘inquisitive’ lot out here……. It really means a lot.  I am eternally grateful to you for giving your time to do this” – Ali


Unlock Your True Potential…

Fingerprints of the Gods had a big impact on me. Now it seems almost irrelevant compared to your book. That’s your masterpiece. Everything has come together in that book. There are aspects I’m finding hard to deny and I’m really assessing my thoughts. The whole book is an education without a dictation. Wow now that’s how you finish a book. Thank you for your work and research, absolutely brilliant” Paul Mamigonian

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer with 17 years of investigative experience that he has successfully used to reveal and uncover many of the great and ancient mysteries and secrets.  He is also a descendent of ancient Irish Celtic Kings.

In The Secrets of the Pyramids he has now answered the questions that Egyptian scholars and enthusiasts have been asking for many hundreds of years.

  • Just who were Isis, Osiris, Anubis, Thoth and all the other Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and what are they really telling us?
  • What is the hidden meaning of King Tutankhamun’s ‘Death Mask’ and other similar artefacts?
  • What were the Pyramids and Sphinx really built for and what was their actual purpose?
  • How do they relate to the identity of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary & Joseph and even Moses and Noah et al?

The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity will reveal to you the answers to these and many other questions that blow away any previous version of history!

Prepare for many hidden secrets to be revealed to you that were only previously known by a select few, chosen initiates, who have kept a wondrous knowledge to themselves for far too long.

Wow!! What a captivating read, read it cover to cover in one sitting. With passion and purpose Michael brings forth facts and insight to all, weaving together the inner and outer landscapes to Mans Sovereignty. A must read” – Donna Roberts

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About the Author

DSC_0510Michael Feeley is an ex-police officer from the UK who served on the front-line for 17 years.  For most of this time he was engaged in evidential, factual writing for court purposes, securing evidence and presenting it to the appropriate departments and people in a matter of fact, succinct and to the point format.  This style has survived with him.

In 2009 his life changed with a gigantic quantum leap as he was the subject of a multitude of strange, paranormal and supernatural experiences that changed his view of reality and life forever, and caused him to leave his secure ‘job for life’ career to delve into the – then – unknown.

He has now found many of the answers to the origins of beliefs and religions and how these systems are really referring to a much deeper truth hidden cleverly by symbols and superficial stories that have occupied the minds of billions for many millenniums.

From a very young age, Michael knew that he was different in many ways.  He had a passion to know the deeper meanings of the world and wider universe, and finding many answers has enriched his life.  A calling has been achieved.

He wanted to know why people have systems of belief.  Why people have certain dates of significance – like Christmas, and why people engage themselves in these beliefs and practices.

Michael is not religious and has no religious background.  However, he realised that there was a wonderful mystique and hidden language behind many of the stories and events, and wanted to decipher the numerous meanings in verse and building Architecture.

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Watch an interview with author, Michael Feeley on alternative, late night talk show, The Moore Show here

Introduction @ 2:00  Interview @ 3:40

Praise for books written together with Sarah Feeley

This is a great read, follow the journey of the writers as they discover their spiritual path from many different types of encounters”Richard Keogh

“This book is a must read for those with an open mind looking for answers about life, gives lots of perspectives of things most are afraid to ask about.”Rosco

“This book is amazing, it gives great insight into what is actually going on in this world, a big eye opener.”John Flavell

“This book is everything I wanted to know and more. It is written in such a way that the books talks to you and interacts with you.”Chrissie2011