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An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time,
place or circumstance. This invisible red thread will never break and you will either
find your way back to me somehow, or me to you


This is the promise that Jack makes to Esha at the end of their precious week together in London. Esha has to return to India for her wedding to Dev, which has been arranged by her wealthy parents.

Aware of her cultural commitments and knowing in her heart that they cannot have a future together, their separation is marked with a single promise.

The turbulent years that follow are recorded in Esha’s journal, in the form of letters to Jack, which eventually find their way into his hands and which rock his world to the core. The rigid traditions and formalities of the social world of Amritsar, in which Esha is trapped, and to which Jack has no access, may well stretch their scarlet thread to breaking point.

Can a single promise made seven years ago bring together two star crossed lovers in this gripping tale, spanning two cities?

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The Scarlet Promise

About the Author

book_picHaving been a dreamer for as long as she can remember, Sangeeta Kathuria loves holding secret conversations with her imaginary characters. Her long overdue dream of becoming an author has finally been realised with her debut novel, The Scarlet Promise, although she has dabbled in poetry and has written articles on her blog over the years.

Happily married to her best friend, she is also a proud mother of two beautiful boys, who keep her on her toes. Living in West London, Sangeeta juggles two exciting jobs in the NHS and a hectic home life, along with trying to sneak in some protected time for her lifelong passion – writing novels.

Sangeeta graduated from a renowned Hotel Management school in Switzerland, after which she worked in various hotels and then in the service industry for a while. She hopes to use her experiences to continue to bring to life exciting characters and to provide gripping drama in her future books.
Author Blog 


“You are worth more to me than I can explain. My God Jack, you have made me laugh, and smile and learn to be more happy for myself since we met. I don’t have to worry about what people think of me when I’m with you. I can be who I want to be and do what I want to do. I may never have that kind of freedom again. But you have to try and understand where I am coming from. I can’t thank you enough for the most wonderful time you have given me this week. Taking time from your work to be with me. It’s been so unconditional. But where can we go from here?” Esha could feel the tears threatening to spill as they began to well in her eyes and she had to turn her face away and blink repeatedly to avoid that happening.

“So that’s it then. Tomorrow you go back home and live your life the way its been planned for you and I stay here and try and forget you ever existed” Jack said.

“No. Thats such a grim way of looking at it. You know what we are going to do? We need to find a way to keep focus on the reality of what life is going to be. We need to bind ourselves in a way that will keep us both in each others lives even though we wont be physically together. Let’s make a vow to one another. Right here.” Esha said suddenly looking up at his widened questioning eyes.

“A vow? A promise you mean?” Jack asked quizzically

“Yes Jack. A vow. A promise to one another to keep us going through life whatever comes our way.  A promise we will keep to somehow seal this relationship that we have. A vow that I want you to make to me. You will make a pact with me to make something of yourself. You are going to work really really hard and you are going to promise me that you will be the top manager of one of the best hotels in London and make all your mother’s and sisters’ dreams come true. Not focus on what you have lost in me but focus on a future for your family that you owe to them and owe to yourself. Promise me that you will do that for yourself Jack. If I am to ever meet you again in this lifetime it would be the happiest day of my life to see you the way I can imagine in my thoughts right now.” Esha urged him pulling both his warm hands in her as tight as she could as though her life depended on it. Her lashes were damp with unshed tears as she smiled at him. “Promise? Tell me” she repeated. “I promise. I promise” Jack said in a deep firm voice

“I promise that I will be just that what you think of me. And your vow is to promise that you will fulfil your parents hopes and dreams and make them proud of you too. Make sure your sacrifices are worth it and whatever comes your way, but promise me one thing above it all. The most sacred vow to me.” his voice took on a serious tone as he continued “no matter where I am, whatever I’m doing and whoever I am with. if ever you are in any kind of trouble or need any help with anything at all and don’t know where else to go, you come to me. Find your way back to me somehow. Promise me that Esha.” He held his breath for a slight moment until she nodded in agreement.

“I promise.” she whispered.

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The Scarlet Promise

The book includes fairly graphic reference to subjects which some readers may find shocking
ARCs are provided prior to final edit, so may contain some minor errors

The Scarlet Promise is due for general release in April 2018