The Redeeming Affair by C.B. Lane


When a reluctant jewel thief is arrested for a heist that never took place, an unlikely romance blossoms between prisoner and detainer. It will become the affair which will alter the trajectory of their lives forever…


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The Redeeming Affair is the dazzling debut from author C.B. Lane. Set against the bustling streets of New York, the novel is at once a sweeping story of unlikely love, criminality and the power we hold in the choices we make.

Shared through addicting prose, the book explores how criminals come in to being and the difficulties that surround abandoning a life of illegality once that self-destructive path has been taken.

Heartfelt with a touch of grit, The Redeeming Affair makes for an entrancing psychological romance.  

I stand in a dark alleyway and check my wristwatch; just past midnight, all is quiet in New York City. I rub my hands together in an attempt to keep warm against the bitter cold. I walk out of the alleyway, my feet splashing in a few puddles as I cross the recently rain-drenched street. I can smell the steam evaporating from the nearby manholes as I reach the opposite sidewalk and stand outside Preston’s Jewelers. This is the place that my boss, Tobias, wants me to break into and wipe clean. I don’t want to do this, but it’s the only way I can escape from this life…

Small-time criminal Mark Flint is sent to rob a jewellery store, however he gets cold feet and doesn’t want to continue down the dark path he has taken. In the midst of his identity crisis, the police swarm in and arrest him. While behind bars, he familiarises himself with his arresting officer, the firm, but alluring Rachael Clarke. For reasons he cannot fathom, he finds himself drawn to her. 

When the charges against him are dropped, Mark soon gets close to Rachael, however his old crime boss, Tobias O’Malley continues to haunt him and soon begins threatening the new life that Mark is trying to build. Will Mark and Rachael’s relationship flourish or will Tobias destroy the hopes that they have?

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About the Book

Pages: 328
Price: £9.99 (Paperback), £3.99 (eBook)
ISBN: 9781914078064 

About the Author

C.B. Lane is a pseudonym.