The Real Rule Book for Every Father – Dapo A. Odeleye



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This book is written for any father or father-to-be who wants to be a great and successful parent to his children.  This undertaking is a lifetime role, and it involves building up children who will be positively impacted, and who will impact others in the future.

Most fathers will give their children fish when they ask.  It is only a great father who will teach his children how to fish successfully for life.

Fathering by the world’s standards is entirely different from fathering in Christian homes. I perceive that the ultimate aim of a secular father in the world is that his children come out with good grades, have good jobs, get into great marriages, and become financially independent for life.
A Christian father who knows what he is doing, who is fully conscious of who he is in the world (aware that this world is temporal), and where he is going when he dies will have the ultimate aim of building up children who will make God their first priority in life. They always will be Heaven conscious, live to fulfil the purpose of God for their lives, and make every other thing mentioned above their second priority.

As a father, have you ever thought,
•What do I have that my children can inherit from me?
•What values will continue in them?
•What character do I possess, what assets do I hold?
•What have I established that my children can inherit and continue to pass on for generations to come?

This book will guide the reader and change their perspective not only in their relationship with their children, but their parenting skills will also be greatly enhanced. It will direct them to live a life full of love and care for their family and get rid of the taboo of stress, pressure and so called hardship that is attached to parenting and especially fatherhood.

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About Dapo Odeleye

Dapo Odeleye is a husband, father and a son to a father he so much appreciates. He loves to see families enjoying their homes and spouses becoming a blessing to each other. He is a counsellor, Bible teacher who teaches with simplicity and clarity. He is a man that has a passion for people to discover their purpose and fulfil it and he encourages others to know that they can and should impact other people’s lives.

He is the Pastor of All Nations Evangelical Church, Dominion Ground, UK, a social housing practitioner and a football fan.

Dapo has continued to use wisdom gained from the course of life and studying the Bible as an Author and a Speaker and there have been testimonies that his life and his ministry is blessing many.