The Psychic You by Tom Stephens


Chapter 1 – Useful clairvoyance

Would you agree that you want useful information that helps you make valid judgements and decisions in the game of life?

tsBut how can you get this insight?

Well you can sit there like The Great Oracle and wait until it all rushes into you head.  Of course, with all the worry and clutter going on in your mind, it may be distorted or difficult to hear, or simply not there at all because you’re not wired to think that way.

So I will tell you now about dowsing for this useful information; I use this method a lot.

Dowsing has been around since the dawn of time, but people have got used to seeing it done in very specific ways for specific reasons.  For example, dowsing is used to locate water, minerals and lines of energy at standing stones or historic sites.  Various clubs and societies have members who are very talented at this.

This is wonderful, but not much use if you want information about job prospects, moving house, romance or a host of other subjects.  So here’s some really great news: you can dowse for almost everything.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could see clairvoyance working through you using this method?

Well you can. Dowsing is a way of putting your intuition on the outside of you, through an unconscious muscular reaction.

So yes, you will actually see clairvoyance working through you.

Read on and I’ll show you how.