The Promise – Fredrik Nath


“The Promise delivers succinct action, raw emotion, and an intriguing meander into French history.”San Diego Book Review (2016)

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Jean and Rebecca, whose parents have died, journey back to France from Brazil – desolate. Rebecca has an on-board romance with an older right-wing Frenchman, Philippe Darnand.

Despite Jean’s reservations, Rebecca marries Philippe but Philippe, who is viciously right-wing, wants to further his career in the Milice. He gives up Rebecca and her baby to the Nazis.

Now Jean, taught to kill by S.O.E. and disdaining restrictions set by the French resistance, is compelled to exact his revenge as an outsider.

A ravening grudge bearer, Jean rescues the beautiful Nicole from the Sicherheitspolitzei’s clutches in Bergerac and they travel to Paris – a little stop over to bring his plans to fruition.

He returns to England under a cloud but his promise to always protect Rebecca eats away at him and in the end, he risks all to keep that promise in an impossible mission deep into enemy-occupied Poland.

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Author Bio

Fredrik NathFredrik Nath is a full-time neurosurgeon based in the northeast of England. In his time, he has run twenty-five Great North Run half-marathons in twenty-six years , trekked to 6000m in Nepal, done a 4000m tandem parachute jump and crossed the highest mountain pass in the world. He began writing, like John Buchan, “because he ran out of penny-novels to read and felt he should write his own.” Fred loves a good story, which is why he writes.

Catch Fred online at: www.frednath.com