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“A cleverly constructed legal thriller.”


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“This novel is down to earth with the reality of our modern day world. So many issues were brought to light. Very touching.”

Successful Doctor, Segum, is shot in his own home in strange circumstances.  It appears that a gang of youths holding shooting practices in the park opposite are responsible; a stray bullet entering via the bathroom window and hitting Segum in the chest.

His wife, Temitope, is distraught and calls for an ambulance.  Segum is rushed to hospital where, despite all efforts, he sinks into a coma and later dies from his injury.

With much effort, the gang of youths are traced and stand trial for causing Segum’s death.  A trial ensues and justice appears to have been served.  But has it?

As events unfold and truths are learned, it becomes clear that Segum and Temitope did not have the perfectly loving marriage that it appeared, and that Segum was in fact battling demons of addiction.

The horrifying facts of the night of the shooting lead to extortion and blackmail, before the truth finally comes to light.

“This legal crime fiction thriller is a blast and everything a great thriller should be.”
The Guardian Nigeria

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About the Author

Lorna Marie was born in Islington, London before leaving for Lagos, Nigeria where she attended Marywood Grammar School and Methodist Girls High School.   In 1986 she bagged an award as the overall best student in her A-level examination result, consequently she gained admission to study Law at the prestigious University of Lagos, popularly known as Unilag.  She obtained her LL.B (Hons) degree with honours at the University of Lagos in 1989.  In 1990 Lorna attended the Nigerian Law School, Victoria Island, Lagos, and after completing the bar final examinations was called to bar as barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Lorna is a Chartered Librarian and member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professional in the United Kingdom.  She is a member of the Authors Alliance, headquartered in the United States and of the British and Irish Association of Law Librarian (BIALL).  Lorna adores preserving the memory of humanity, reviewing library books and managing knowledge covering a wide range of subjects wherever possible.

Lorna Marie is the writer of: The Judges and Lawyers CompanionHow to write a good dissertation, a guide for university undergraduate student and The Power of words to the human spirit, soul, body and mind: as compendium of great speeches by world leaders and some landmark court judgement. She has inspired the young generation of writers at ‘meet the author’ events in schools, colleges and libraries. She is a Chartered Librarian and Information professional. She has a deep sense of humour.  Lorna is married with two children.

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“It is a well known fact that the greatest dramas occur not on screens or stages, but rather in some courtrooms; these dramas are brought alive by Lornamarie.”
Nigerian Tribune

  • Udo-Ekong

    Hello Lorna, I was in the Nigerian Law school the same time you were. I was so happy to hear about your book. It promises to be a great read. Our law school set has a WhatsApp group. That\'s where I got to read about your book. Would you like to reunite with your University and law school mates? We would love to have you.

  • Lorna Adekaiyaoja

    Hello Udo-Ekong, Great to hear from you. The faculty of law Unilag 89 law set alumni also have a Forrum and it is active. Will reach out to you on the Law school alumni Forrum. Really lovely to hear from you Udo-Ekong. Hope you are keeping well :-). Hopefully will see you at our 30 years post-call to bar get together at some point next year! Lots of regards, Lorna

  • Jade

    What an inspiring , kind and lovely woman Lorna is. Thankyou for being so wonderful

  • Lorna Adekaiyaoja

    Thank you Jade. You are a star:)