The Paradox of Leadership in Organizations by Dennis Okeke


Ground-breaking title unravels the real paradox of leadership.

The Paradox of Leadership in Organizations by Dennis I. Okeke is a unique guide to leadership and management with a niche focus conveyed for the first time. Well-researched and written by an expert author, this ground-breaking book takes an in-depth look at the paradox of leadership from an original angle.

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For centuries, studies on leadership within organizations across the world have been firmly rooted around ‘trait theories’ — the dominant prerequisite of theorists, scientists and researchers. Understanding skills, and the acquisitions of such skills, has continued to feature in studies centred around leadership qualities, perpetuating pre-existing research and myths on the subject.

Rather than recycling long-held conclusions, The Paradox of Leadership in Organizations erases the ‘trait and skills complexities’ and tired theories relating to the studies of such complexities. Instead, this persuasive book presents how to become “the desired leader of tomorrow’s organization”, as the author tells his readers: The joy of leadership is achieved when he/she obtains all the answers to the paradoxes that surrounds his/ her executive position.”

 The Paradox of Leadership in Organizations offers a fresh solution to any of the previous studies and research undertaken on the subject, taking readers down an untrodden path that delves into new areas, as the author explains: The literature or studies on leadership, and that of the organizational leaders, are sometimes too ambiguous, complex and confusing. This book, describes the scientific and artistic mastering of leadership and the ways out of the paradoxes associated with organizational leaderships.”

The Paradox of Leadership in Organizations is a significant scholarly publication that espouses revolutionary ideas on leadership from a new scientific perspective. Peer-reviewed by leading academics from a number of highly-respected universities, this is an essential title for business executives, academics and students enrolled on leadership and organizational courses everywhere.

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Price: CDN$ 122.00 (Paperback)
ISBN-10: 9080456926
ISBN-13: 978-9080456921
Publisher: Dionn Publications (January 2000)

About the Author

Dennis I. Okeke is a well-qualified business consultant and writer with an MBA and MA from the acclaimed Fairfax University in the USA. As a leading expert in business management and company ownership, his career and specialist knowledge in these fields provided the inspiration for Dennis’ latest book, The Paradox of Leadership in Organizations. An accomplished author, his other published works include: The Dance of My Princess (An Adaptation to Culture), Nigeria and The First, Second and Third Operation (The Return of the Political Class). Dennis is a Member of the Institute of Administrative Management in the UK as well as a Board Member at the Eastern Business School in Enugu, Nigeria.