The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom – P.S. Nicholls


“Great imaginative fantasy… that captivates the imagination and transports you to another world. And with a female heroine!

Rosalind Bushi

“Magic crystals, super powers, talking and flying animals, an evil King and a positive message – what’s not to love? Fun for all ages!



The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom is a coming of age children’s portal fantasy adventure set in the mystical world of Velaro Fore, a world made of crystals, full of legendary monsters and surprising animals.

Rose Jones, with her unique abilities, start her and her friends on a mystical quest to save this land from its evil King and Queen, and bring peace back to the land.

Using her gifts and visual perceptions, the children start to learn more about themselves through the discovery of a collection of crystals hidden in a cave in the woods.

Exploring hidden emotions and learning to treat each other with kindness help to make this story one of today’s unique children’s books.

“I love fantasy, and the crystal kingdom of animals the children find is a great new world.”

Natasha Gruss



As the sun rose across the woods and into the children’s garden, a golden haze filtered across the trees and brought a warm glow to the early morning. It was quiet and the rays of sun warmed up the tents as the children lay sleeping inside. One by one they started to open their eyes and stretch and yawn, shaking off the feeling of a very deep sleep. Rose was the first one to sit up and look around the tent. What an amazing dream she had had. It had seemed so real, so much had happened and in so much detail. Surely this house must have some link to her finding out exactly where her real parents were.

Today, she had decided that they would go back into the woods and see if there were any more crystals in the cave. Anything that would give her more clues to finding out about her parents. That was after they had been into town and down to the beach. One by one the other children woke up as they could hear Rose talking out loud. After chatting together they decided that they would get ready and have breakfast as fast as they could so that they could spend as long as possible at the beach before lunch.

It was a really beautiful day and they played for hours on the sandy beach running in and out of the sea, collecting shells and seaweed. They also had a wander around all of the lovely shops and bought themselves different sun hats and sunglasses. When it was time for lunch they headed back to the house and all sat down again together and talked about their plans for the rest of the holiday.

“As we’re here for three weeks we thought we would spend the first week just relaxing and getting to know the local area” said Alice. “We can spend our mornings together down at the beach and about the town and you guys can spend the afternoons exploring the woods. In the evening’s we can have a BBQ and play games together.” Alice was always careful not to say barbecue, instead choosing to spell it as she believed that if she said that it would start raining and ruin it. “Then once we have settled in we can start exploring a little bit further afield and go on some walks and day trips and take picnics. How does that sound?”

The children all agreed that it sounded ideal to them and after they had finished their lunch they didn’t waste a second before they were ready to head off again into the woods to see what they could find. Just as they were leaving Alice called out,

“Oh I forgot to mention that we have visitors coming over tomorrow around lunchtime, Mr & Mrs Johnson, who own this house. They want to pop in and say hello and make sure everything is ok for us. So tomorrow it might be an idea if we stay in the house until after lunch, that way we can all get to meet them.”

“OK” the children responded collectively and headed off out the backdoor and back into the woods.

As they walked along the path Rose said, “Guys, can we go back to the cave again today. I really want to have another look around and see if we can find any more crystals.”

“Sure why not,” said Issy “it was really cool finding them and there probably are loads more buried in there.”

“Rose. When Mr and Mrs Johnson come tomorrow are you going to see if you can ask them anything about your Mum and Dad?” asked Callum as they walked together along the winding pathway into the woods.

“I’d really like to. You never know, they may have owned this place for a long time and they might even remember the photo. I brought it with me just in case. I was hoping too that we could go to some places in the town and ask around to see if anyone recognises them and maybe have some idea about what happened to them. If they’re able to tell me anything about them it will be brilliant. I know so little.”

“It’s definitely worth a try” Callum continued, “hopefully they will be able to tell you at least something.”

“Let’s hope so” said Rose as she wondered just what she would really learn about her parents from being around this house. “I had another dream last night and it seemed so real. I was in this whole other world that looked like it was made of crystals all around. I had turned into a horse, a pink horse actually and there were other horses talking to me. They took me to these enormous towers and on the way we met these lions. One of them was called Sunny and he was talking to me all about how their world had been at war…” by this point Callum had stopped walking and just stood there looking at Rose. The others had stopped too, they had all been listening to Rose telling them about her dream. George was the first to speak,

“You’re not going to believe this but I had a dream just like that! I was in a crystal world too, but I was a dragon, not a horse. But the weird thing is, me and this other dragon, Eldred were looking for you. He told me that you were there and that you had become a horse!”

“I was going to say the same thing!” exclaimed Callum. “I dreamed that I was in a crystal world too and I was a duck. They told me that there had been a war and that loads of them had been turned into evil monsters and that the whole world was being ruled by an evil queen.”

“Guys, do you know what this means?” said Issy. “I think we have all been in the same dream, because I was there too and I was a deer. Alex, did you have a dream like this too?”

“Yes I did. I was there. I  was a tiny butterfly and I was really scared that one of the monsters was going to find me and eat me. It was more like a nightmare than a dream.”

“What about you two?” asked Issy to Violet and Ruby, who both in turn confirmed that they too had a similar dream.

“I was an eagle,” said Violet “I was flying everywhere, it was amazing. At first I thought I was there on my own but the other eagles told me that it was likely that my friends would be there too. They said that we should fly to the nearest kingdom to us, the butterfly kingdom. Alex, that’s where you are! Looks like I’ll be with you soon so don’t worry I’ll be able to protect you. They said it would take us two days to reach you so just hang on.” Violet smiled at her little brother and he smiled back. Alex definitely preferred the thought of Violet being with him rather than being on his own.

“I  was a dolphin” said Ruby “it was just wonderful. We were playing and having so much fun. All of them were so friendly. In my dream we were going to swim to the duck kingdom. That’s where you were in your dream Callum.”

“Don’t you see Ruby,” cried Callum “this was not a dream. It must be real. There’s no way we could all be having the same dream. What’s going on guys?”

“I don’t know.” said Rose. “But it definitely must be something to do with the crystals we found in that cave. It kind of makes sense if you think about it. I told you at the time that I thought they were glowing, they must have some kind of magical power and when we fell asleep they took us into another world. Before we came to this house I dreamed of it years ago. Then the other day I was dreaming about talking lions and flying horses and now that’s happened. In my dream the lion, Sunny told me that my parents were the King and Queen of the crystal kingdom, they called it Velaro Fore. He said that they had fled the land years ago to escape his evil brother and that they had left me a message so that I would be able to find my way home.” Rose stopped for a second, thinking, looking down at the ground before suddenly looking back up again. “What if they somehow had come here? Maybe they somehow left the crystals here, knowing that one day I would come here and find them.”

“This book was incredible. It took you off into another world. The book is suitable for any age, any gender and is just a fantastic book… The slight twist in the story was really clever and it brought the whole book together… It’s a must read and I definitely recommend it.”

Kiera J age 14


“An amazing book… Magical wonder combined with relatable characters, a truly captivating read.”


About the Author

Paul Nicholls is a father of two young children and lives in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.  Having grown up himself on the Faraway Tree and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, he wanted to create a modern day fantasy series that can be enjoyed by everyone and put a smile on people’s faces. 

He writes under the name P.S. Nicholls and is thrilled to be one of the first authors to have children read his book aloud, in segments, on YouTube.

“In a world full of challenges we sometimes lose sight of the magic that is all around us, especially if we are dealing with the loss of something or someone that we love… This book was inspired by own experience of feeling overcome with sadness and realising that in my darkest time, that life can still be magical.”

Paul Nicholls