The Isabella Series of Books – Kate Mahoney Veitch


Enchanting stories where real life meets make believe
through the eyes of a little girl

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Isabella is a little girl who adores soft toys and books. She loves making up magical stories where her soft toys come to life and have exciting adventures with her. 

Author, Kate Mahoney-Veitch says, “These stories are based on true events and the stories my daughter makes up for her teddies afterwards. She is completely transported into this make-believe world which I find fascinating. I listen to her stories and jot down beautiful gems of information which have allowed me to create this magical series of books.”

Each book is essentially a story within a story but they are written simply so that children aged 2 to 5 can follow them, but still get lost in Isabella’s world.

These stories are funny, charming, full of excitement and each contains a moral to help children learn how to treat each other kindly, or open their eyes to the magical world of make believe. They are a must-have for any girls and boys who love adventures, teddies and books and have been beautifully illustrated by Sarah Leigh-Wills who has captured and bought the characters to life perfectly.

Author Bio

Kate Mahoney-Veitch lives in Berkshire with her husband and three children aged 10, 4 and 2. After a 20-year career in finance, Kate decided to have a career break in February 2017 to spend more time with her children.

Kate has written poetry and song lyrics for pleasure since she was 13. She is thoroughly enjoying spending time at home and naturally found herself writing stories for and about her children.

The Isabella series was inspired by Kate’s daughter who has always been a little book worm, even though she is only now learning to read. She has always loved looking at picture books and making up stories for her teddies where they come to life.

After writing these stories Kate knew she needed an illustrator as she herself is not an artist.  Thankfully she discovered the amazing illustrator, Sarah-Leigh Wills who bought the characters to life exactly as Kate had imagined.

Kate is currently working on two new Isabella stories as well as a story aimed at 7 to 10 year olds which deals with bullying and its after effects.

Kate volunteers at her children’s school, she absolutely loves baking and reading with the children. Kate would like a to be a primary school teacher and intends to go back to university once her children are all in full time education.

The Isabella series so far

Isabella and the Magic Umbrella

Isabella and her soft toys discover
that they have a magic umbrella.

Isabella at the Library

Isabella and her soft toys go to the library where they visit the world of nursery rhymes.

Isabella and the Candy Floss Clouds

Isabella and her soft toys wake up in clouds made of candy floss and discover a sticky world of shapes.

Isabella at Gymnastics

Isabella and her soft toys all go to gymnastics and turn a bit wild!

Isabella and the Woodland Walk

Isabella goes for a woodland walk with her soft toys but one of them gets lost!

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The latest books in the series, which have yet to be illustrated are:

Isabella and the Cooking Catastrophe where Isabella and her soft toys try to make apple crumble but have a few disasters instead!

Isabella Goes Camping where Isabella and her soft toys have an exciting adventure and meet some fairies who rescue them!