The Herrington Saga by Beryl Armstrong


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Interesting and moving – an account of family troubles and celebrations, with a gripping back story. ” – Bookedln

The Herringtons have a secret. A deadly secret. And no matter how far they roam to escape the shadows of the past, Fate seems determined to find them out.

Condemned to hang for a murder they didn’t commit, Dan and Tom – father and eldest son of the indomitable Herrington clan – make a dramatic escape. Yet the past relentlessly stalks the fugitive family. Soon their new life as Gloucestershire smallholders is torn apart. On the run again, the family must now seek refuge and embrace a new life across the oceans in the outposts of the empire, Australia. The year is 1898.

Here, on a remote sheep station in the unforgiving outback, they can surely bury their secrets and at last escape their past. Yet destiny has its own agenda, and history has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Will the Herrington family manage to lay the ghosts of their personal history to rest here or could they find an even safer haven in New Zealand? Will Fate have the last say?

A novel of drama, conflict, passions and pioneering spirit, Where Shadows Fall spans continents and sows the seeds of an epic family saga and looks forward to a wide-open future.

This is the first of four books that will follow the generations of one family throughout the twentieth century. “The Herrington Saga” is formed of 4 chapters “Where Shadows Falls”, “Beyond The Shadows”, “Burning Shadows” and the final chapter “Yesterday’s Shadows” which will be available soon.

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.