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Mankind has been guided by unseen hands. The trilogy of The Guide of Time tells the story in a fascinating journey through human history. Fact mixed with fantasy — or maybe not?




Alexander von Rossen is the last in a line of Guides, an extraordinary force that has taken mankind to a higher state of knowledge. Over the centuries, by inspiring scientists to make great breakthroughs, the Guides have helped humans to transform their view of life and death. But Alexander has powerful enemies who want to keep mankind enslaved, in a permanent struggle between good and evil. And he faces an unexpected complication. Ariane Claret is a young woman with an extraordinary talent for music. She bursts into his life at a crucial moment and produces in him feelings he had never known before.

Without realising it, she holds the secret to the victory or destruction of Alexander, the Guides and, ultimately, mankind.


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Prologue Excerpt

The elderly editor, beard now largely grey, was staring at the document in his hands.  For the first time in his publishing career, he was lost for words.  In the chair opposite him, an old woman was smiling at him, almost as though she was enjoying his discomfort.  He raised his eyes and frowned at her.  Her name was Ariane Claret.  The thought crossed his mind that she must have been a beautiful woman when she was young.

-Is all this true? I mean, did it really happen?

-Yes, it’s true – she said calmly.

-How can you prove it?  How can I make sure what you have given me is real?  We don’t publish fiction, you know.  We publish science books, proper science.

-Some of the book is about historical events.  You can check the facts on them yourself.

-Yes, I’m not worried about the verifiable events, but what about the rest?

The woman shrugged her shoulders.

-The rest is true as well.  Publishing the book would announce what is starting to happen.  It’s the right time.

-Are you one… one of them?

The woman chuckled, and the editor couldn’t help but think that whatever the truth, she was a most intriguing woman.

-No, I am not one of them – her face was suddenly serious -. But I know them well.

-Aren’t you afraid this story might make you look ridiculous?

-At my age, I have nothing to lose, and besides, the events to come will prove me right.  But let me tell you how it all started.  Even if I can’t convince you, let me at least try to entice you.


Click here to contact us for an advance review copy of The Guide of Time, Book 1


About the Author

cinzia-de-santisCinzia De Santis was born in Italy and moved to Venezuela as a baby. She studied Biology, had an exciting career in business and now devotes her time to her passions: books and travelling. She had previously also been an actor, performing both as an amateur and a professional, and it was then that she started writing short stories in Spanish. Cinzia moved to England in 2003 and now lives in London. She wrote a novel in Spanish: El Sentido de la Oscuridad and Amor Mercúrico, a compilation of short stories, both available in Amazon. In 2014, Cinzia wrote her first novel in English: The Sense of Darkness and is about to launch a trilogy of The Guide of Time, a fascinating journey through human history and a timeless love story.