The Devil’s Truth – Paul Georgiou



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After the abrupt termination of the Fourth Beginning, Adam and Eve Smith reluctantly settle back into their old lives until, unexpectedly, Adam is recruited by the business consultancy firm Slievens as one of their chosen executives. David Minofel, a partner in Slievens, is Adam’s sponsor.

Adam quickly learns the Slievens philosophy. Define your goals, devise the most efficient way of achieving them regardless of moral considerations, and act, uninhibited by any scruples.  He soon discovers that the application of Slievens modus operandi involves him in bribery, blackmail and, finally, murder.

Although Adam does not fully understand Slievens objectives, he is a tremendous success in Geneva.  His career, guided by Slievens, seems assured and his financial future secure. Indeed the prospect of real wealth beckons.  Perhaps even more importantly, Adam feels he has found a kind of truth, not the abstract truth he had sought in the Fourth Beginning but a practical, pragmatic truth about the nature of man – and his own true nature.

Adam has no idea that Slievens and David Minofel are working for the Praesidium, a secret organisation that, for thousands of years, has been guiding man and directing history. The goal of the Praesidium is to enable man to be true to his own nature and to fulfil himself.  To this end, the monitaurs, agents of the Praesidium, promote depravity, extremism, corruption, obfuscation and negativity.

Minofel is grooming Adam.  He knows that Adam and Eve had set out with the Storyteller to find the truth.  Minofel is going to provide Adam with a different kind of truth, one which will satisfy him and ensure that he and Eve are never again tempted to set out on another quest.

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Author Bio.

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Paul Georgiou was educated at St Marylebone Grammar School and New College, Oxford, where he read English for his B.A (hons) followed by an M. Phil. in Modern English Studies.

He has written poetry, fiction and non-fiction all his life, writing short stories for magazines as his first venture into the commercial publishing world.

In 2014, he published The Fourth Beginning, the first book in the Truth quartet. The second book in the series, “The Devil’s Truth”, is being published this year.  The third volume, “The Praesidium”, will be published at the end of this year with the fourth and final volume, “The Whole Truth”, to be published in 2017.

Paul lives with his wife just inside the New Forest, near Ringwood.  They have two grown up children, and two boxer dogs.