The Complete Works of Mrs McKeiver by Margaret Morgan


Press Release

5th February, 2021


Combined trio celebrates much-loved midwife and miracle healer  

The Complete Works of Mrs McKeiver: Midwife and Herbal Healer by acclaimed author, Margaret Morgan, combines the author’s three popular books: Her Secrets, Her Solutions and Her Remedies. 

By 1799, Mrs McKeiver had lived in the Hills for twenty-one years, time enough to be an accepted midwife and herbal healer. Widowed now, she cares for her brilliant twenty-year-old son, crippled when a child. In addition, she cooks for the poor with donated food, as Poor Relief bread alone is insufficient. This annoys the Bishop, furious that the Reverend Reeves delivers it and lets the poor grow food on Glebe Farm. She is regularly faced with mysterious pregnancies, plus children being abused by their parents and carers. However, she cannot go on without a husband’s support. Funnily enough, he has been waiting.

In this engaging historical collection, the adored Mrs McKeiver’s inimitable spirit shines through every page, immersing readers in the harsh place she inhabits in a small corner of England during the late 18th century. Like all her novels, The Complete Works of Mrs McKeiver is authentic to the era it so beautifully portrays with realistic depictions of unimaginable poverty, politics and the oppressive landscape of its time.

In this uplifting and heart-warming storybook, Mrs McKeiver has many strings to her bow, as a loving mother, caring midwife and a remarkable herbal healer filled with compassion and renowned for dispensing her homemade remedies. As well as her multitude of skills, Mrs McKeiver also has her own share of adversity, obstacles and challenges to face.

Like all her books, The Complete Works of Mrs McKeiver is superbly written with a wonderful range of characters and a compelling narrative that will captivate the reader’s attention from start to finish. The Complete Works of Mrs McKeiver is a compendium to cherish, an epic trio of stories overflowing with all Mrs McKeiver’s greatest secrets, solutions and remedies. This book is recommended for readers who love historical fiction, period drama and literature. Available to buy from Amazon and all well-known bookshops.

Review Copies of The Complete Works of Mrs McKeiver: Midwife and Herbal Healer, and interviews with the author are available on request. Contact us here for details.

Price: £24.99 (Paperback); £4.99 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 1,110
ISBN-10: 1914078454
ISBN-13: 978-1914078453