The Chronicles of Dan Lee O’Brien by David Jordan


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Steeped in Irish mythology, these stories bristle with singular imagination and exude style and narrative prowess. Playful and ingenious, they are a fresh new voice in Irish literature – one that captivates and enthralls with ease. So watch out. The gods are back…

Brief excerpt from The Chronicles of Dan Lee O’Brien:

‘I’m looking for a young man who went missing about two weeks ago. He was last seen at a disco in Kilpern Wood. An illegal disco. His name is Gus Lightbody. The person who last saw him was a friend of his. According to this friend he was talking to a very tall man with long, red hair and he disappeared with him.’
‘Disappeared?’ said Dan Lee.
The detective took a deep breath and said, ‘at first we thought that maybe the kid was on drugs but we haven’t turned up any leads and now we think there might be something in it. That’s why we’ve come to you.’
‘What did he say?’
‘He said that this red haired man appeared to conjure a door way out of the air and they disappeared into it.’
‘What kind of a doorway?’
‘He said that it was diamond shaped and silver.’
Dan Lee nodded.
‘I can take you to the site tomorrow morning,’ the detective said. ‘Will you help us out on this? Do you think there’s anything in it?’
The old man nodded. ‘No need to take me. I know where to go,’ he said.

Author Bio.
David Jordan is a writer from Cork, Ireland.  He has an MA in English from University College Cork.  He writes poetry and prose.

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.